Hydroxycut Pure Hoodia with Energy F / X Review

What element of weight loss trips us up the most? That’s right appetite. We can dedicate ourselves to working out daily and trying our best to stay healthy. But when it comes to denying ourselves food, we’re incompetent.

Why? Is it because of that gnawing feeling in our stomachs—or our brain telling us it’s “time to eat”? Or is it simply because we love the pleasure of eating food?

Regardless of the reason, appetite is a huge stumbling block for dieters, and the appetite suppression and diet pill market is a billion dollar industry.

Popular Hydroxycut has cut itself out quite a nice revenue in diet pill sales. Can their “appetite controlling formula” Hydroxycut Pure Hoodia with Energy F / X prove as effective as some of the other products in the Hydroxycut line?

Let’s take a look at the hype behind Hoodia and whether or not Hydroxycut Pure Hoodia with Energy F / X uses this ingredient to full effect.

The Hoodia Story

It’s been long reported that Hoodia has been utilized by the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert to sustain them through long hunts. Back in the 1930’s this was confirmed by a Dutch explorer and anthropologist who’d been studying the San Bushmen and their hunting habits. They would seek out Hoodia before leaving camp and eat its cactus-like stems. This seemed to nourish the hunters sufficiently—and for many days.

This story was further confirmed by “60 Seconds” News Correspondent Leslie Stahl a few years ago, who “didn’t mind the taste”, and lost her appetite for the rest of the day after consuming Hoodia.

Here’s what you may not know—not all Hoodia is effective for appetite control.

Scientists doing lab work on “rats” have localized the active component in Hoodia as coming only from pure Hoodia Gordonii. This component has been named “p57”, and worked effectively in supporting appetite control in rodents when injected into their brains.

Will an Oral Form of Hoodia Work?

This is a very good question. We’re pretty sure you’re not up to twice daily shots of Hoodia into the brain, and in regards to this specific product, there’s no conclusive evidence that:

• Oral supplementation of Hoodia works for appetite
• Hoodia really works at all on “humans” for appetite control
• Hydroxycut Pure Hoodia with Energy F / X contains the right kind of Hoodia, or the correct dosage

Hydroxycut Pure Hoodia with Energy F / X Price and Availability

You can find Hydroxycut Pure Hoodia with Energy F / X at walmart.com, or instore. Cost is around $19.88 for a one-month supply with a two-times daily dosage.

We could not find this product for sale elsewhere, other than from online stores that linked you to walmart.com.

Hydroxycut Pure Hoodia with Energy F / X Consumer Opinion

“I took this for a week and lost 8 pounds. I look great and guys are calling me all the time! I feel younger and sexy. I recommend this product.” ~ Chubby2

“My husband has been taking this for a week and a half and he doesn’t feel any different. He doesn’t get any extra energy, and he has not lost any weight either. He works out 5 days a week and he still needs to take a 5hr energy every other day to be able to function at work. Don’t waste your money this isn’t worth it.” ~ Mommyof2hopingfor3

Our Opinion of Hydroxycut Pure Hoodia with Energy F / X

We cannot stand behind Hydroxycut Pure Hoodia with Energy F / X because of its lack of ingredient information including dosages, and availability on popular diet pill sites–or even the official site!

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