HydroxyPhase+ Review


If you’re looking for a multi-dimensional dietary supplement that can function as a fat burner and a muscle builder, then HydroxyPhase+ by Max’s may just be the solution for you.

Designed to cut fat by blocking carbs and to increase muscle gain through boosts to your metabolism and other essential nutrients, HydroxyPhase+ claims to be one of the leading fat burning supplements available today.

Let’s look a little further into this product and its blend of ingredients to determine whether or not it’s worth your time and money.


HydroxyPhase+ contains a bevy of ingredients, each of which provides its own unique benefit(s). Here are a few of the ingredients found in this powder-form supplement, including:

Phaseolus Vulgaris – This ingredient is found in white kidney beans. It serves the purpose of blocking the breakdown of starch which leads to less carb absorption. Subsequently, less carbs normally force a body to burn more fat as fuel, rather than storing the fat as waste.

Choline and Inositol – These ingredients work in tandem to ensure that the body keeps fats available to be burned for energy rather than storing them away as deposits in fat cells.

High Glycomacropeptide Whey Protein Isolate – This ingredient stimulates both the recovery and growth of muscle cells. As for secondary benefits, it can also promote immune response, calcium uptake, and tissue healing.

Green Tea Extract – Green Tea is a great fat-burning ingredient because of its ability to boost metabolic rates.

Most, if not all of the ingredients found in HydroxyPhase+ have been put under the knife and clinically proven to be effective.

Potential Side Effects

Because HydroxyPhase+ includes a blend of proven ingredients that are found in proven amounts, it goes without saying that it should be considered a safe option.

That said, muscle-enhancing supplements always have the potential to come with a few side effects, depending on a user and his or her body.

While some users have reported no side effects at all after use of HydroxyPhase+, others have reported minor problems including headaches, excessive sweating, and more.

Most of these side effects should only last temporarily and normally dissipate as your body gets use to a regular intake of HydroxyPhase+.

Recommended Use

HydroxyPhase+ comes in a powder form, rather than pill form, and users are instructed to take between 1-4 servings per day. The servings can be taken either between meals or as substitute in place of a meal (although it is not advised to substitute HydroxyPhase+ as a meal frequently).

You can mix the powder substance with either water or milk. Also, users are instructed to consume their mixture of HydroxyPhase+ within 30 minutes of stirring at the latest.

Our Recommendation

As for a final verdict on this product, we strongly recommend HydroxyPhase+ to those who are looking to build muscle and burn fat at a high and effective rate, with an emphasis on using it as directed.

Any purchase of this dietary supplement should cost about $79.95 at retail price.

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