Ignite Maxx Review

Ignite MaxxIgnite Maxx is a relatively new weight loss product that has recently gained prominence due to an article in a popular magazine. This little pill seeks to harness the power of capsicum, a concentrated form of red hot peppers. Through its main ingredient, Ignite Maxx claims to be able to produce some pretty incredible weight loss results.

As always, we’ll take a closer look at this product’s ingredients and consumer reviews before we decide to give it our recommendation.

How does Ignite Maxx Work?

Ignite Maxx is designed to increase the metabolism and burn calories, subsequently reducing body fat. Its main ingredient is called Capsimax (which contains the red hot peppers). The problem many previous users of capsicum have experienced is severe heartburn, but Ignite Maxx contains a slow release coating on all of its pills which is meant to reduce this side effect.

This product also contains green tea extract, which it says helps promote the metabolism. Green tea also contains a healthy dose of antioxidants, which are helpful at eliminating free radicals.

While Ignite Maxx has some potentially good ingredients, one concern is that it does not disclose the dosages. In a diet pill like this, the amounts of each ingredient are just as important as the ingredients themselves. Without knowing how much of each component goes into this product, we cannot effectively determine if Ignite Maxx can bring you the results you want.

Consumer Reviews

Despite Ignite Maxx being a recent product, there are plenty of people who have tried it. After going through dozens of reviews, the best we can say about this product is that some people have benefited while others haven’t. Some consumers were pleased with the results; they felt an energy boost as they exercised and were able to effectively lose weight.

Other reviewers were not as kind. Many complained of heartburn, despite Ignite Maxx’s efforts to reduce this side effect through their “beadlet technology” (coating the red hot pepper extract to delay their release.)


While Ignite Maxx has definitely benefited from a lot of recent hype, too many consumers have not shared in the benefits. It is apparent from the consumer reviews that some people have experienced positive results, but many did not. Since we are not able to tell from the ingredient list that this product contains the right dosages to aid in lasting weight loss, we cannot recommend this product.

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