iSatori Belly-Off Review

isatori belly-offIn a recent press release, iSatori Belly-Off was promised to “generate enthusiasm among retailers” and even “fly off the shelves!” But with so many other diet pills on the market already, why isn’t Belly-Off just another drop in the bucket?

According to CEO and Founder, Stephen Adele, Belly-Off’s formula contains a unique “proprietary combination of clinically tested ingredients.” This blend is supposed to be scientifically proven to attack excess abdominal fat.

I can’t help but be excited about ingredients that are proven to work, but I’m not going to take a biased opinion by its word. I investigated iSatori’s Belly-Off to see for myself.

iSatori Belly-Off Formula

Because Belly-Off was only released on December 18, 2012, its ingredients are still somewhat a secret. However, the manufacturers have provided us a sneak peek of its four primary ingredients:

Yerba Mate – sometimes referred to as maté. The leaves of the yerba mate tree are often dried, brewed into a tea and drunk socially. While yerba mate has definite powers as a stimulant, its effects against belly fat are less clear.

The only published study linking yerba mate with weight loss decided the caffeine in yerba mate is more likely to promote weight loss than anything else. [1]

Guarana – a natural caffeine source. Guarana seeds are so caffeine-rich, in fact, they contain double the caffeine coffee beans do. The findings on guarana and weight loss are somewhat mixed. One study showed guarana to increase fullness feelings in participants. [2] However, another study 6 years later showed no effect on body composition or weight. [3]

Damiana – often found in libido-boosters. Damiana is best-known for its aphrodisiac qualities, not weight loss. Nevertheless, one study in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics revealed damiana to have weight loss potential.

When combined with guarana, damiana delayed stomach emptying. This caused participants to feel fuller sooner and for a longer time. [4]

Conjugated Linoleic Acid – by far the most researched ingredient. For over 40 years, CLA has been studied as a weight loss aid. In studies on rats and mice CLA eliminates adipose tissue and supports muscle growth.

Unfortunately, the same results are not found in studies involving humans. While one study found daily CLA doses reduced plasma insulin concentrations, there was no change in body composition, energy expenditure or appetite. Even after 12 weeks supplementation[4].

Is It Safe?

Although iSatori hasn’t released all the information on Belly-Off’s formula, we can get a pretty good idea about safety from its main ingredients.

CLA and Guarana have both received “generally recognized as safe” status from the US Food and Drug Administration. However, there is some evidence linking CLA to diabetes. In regular doses it causes insulin resistance and eventually diabetes in some cases.

Guarana and yerba mate are both high in caffeine. For users who are sensitive to caffeine, this can cause headaches, nausea, upset stomach, irritability, and sleeplessness. For people who regularly consume caffeine, these ingredients could inflate caffeine intake to an unsafe level.

Damiana, while mostly safe, is a prohibited plant in the state of Louisiana. This is due to damiana overdoses as a substitute for cannabis.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to definitively determine iSatori Belly-Off’s safety because exact ingredient dosages aren’t revealed. Hopefully iSatori plans on releasing the full formula in the future.

Response from Users

Belly-Off manufacturers plan on consumers being very excited to try this diet pill. In fact, iSatori’s CEO recommends pre-ordering Belly-Off since there will likely be a shortage upon release.

While the CEO’s view is nothing more than speculation, it is good to remember that Belly-Off is a new product. This means there are no user reviews to fall back on. Without feedback from real users who have used Belly-Off you are left in the dark.


Because iSatori Belly-Off isn’t going to be available in stores until January, your best options for purchase is to pre-order. Not even Belly-Off manufacturers plan on selling the diet pill until after its in-store release.

At, you can order Belly-Off for $39.99 if you buy before December 29, 2012. Each order contains 120 capsules. While this might sound like a lot, a daily Belly-Off dose is a whopping 6 capsules. For just 20 days, $39.99 doesn’t sound quite as good.

My Take on iSatori Belly-Off

This diet pill promised solid research to back up its claims. However, my research shows there is nothing conclusive about the studies surrounding Belly-Off’s ingredients. While some ingredients might promote weight loss, others might be dangerous.

In some areas it pays to be the first one to try, but not necessarily with diet pills. My advice is to wait on Belly-Off.


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