JetFuel Superburn Review

jetfuel superburn

JetFuel Superburn is gaining a lot of attention in the media due to the fact that is currently GAT’s newest thermogenic formula and will supposedly help dieters maximize calorie-burning intensity and energy levels.

Advertisements promote that Superburn will give you a rapid delivery of energy boosting ingredients through the use of micron technology, enhancing absorption for maximum results.

Yet can Superburn really compete with leading diet pills such as Fenphedrine?

Advantages of JetFuel Superburn

I’m not going to lie: JetFuel SuperBurn does offer a good blend of fat burners and appetite suppressants.

Although many of the ingredients listed on the label look fairly scientific and potentially dangerous, most of them are clinically proven, safe, and recognizable fat burners such as caffeine and green tea.

When used correctly in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise, JetFuel Superburn looks like a fairly good solution for losing weight and slimming down.

I am also impressed with the fact that manufacturers suggest that dieters adjust the dosage depending on their individual needs, suggesting that you start with a minimal dosage and then working your way up to the full 3 capsules a day as you gain a tolerance for the ingredients.

Disadvantages of JetFuel Superburn

My biggest concern about JetFuel Superburn is the fact that the exact ingredient concentrations are unknown.

Instead of leaving everything out in the open for the consumer to see on the label, manufacturers hide the formula behind a proprietary blend, which looks mysterious and alluring but in reality keeps us from knowing if the concentrations are used correctly.

Additionally, Jetfuel poses the risk of causing negative side effects such as dizziness, headaches, nausea, jitters, migraines, and similar problems. Most of these effects can be attributed to the caffeine found in this formula, so if you’re sensitive to stimulants, you’ll definitely want to avoid taking this diet pill without consulting your doctor first.

My Opinion of JetFuel Superburn

I think JetFuel Superburn definitely has a few good things going for it – solid weight loss ingredients, a good balance between appetite suppressants and thermogenics, and a well-known manufacturer to help attract consumers.

However, I also think that JetFuel Superburn falls short in too many areas to be worth the effort. Although the few reviews I’ve seen about this product have been positive thus far, I feel that consumers would have better results with a more reliable formula such as Fenphedrine.

Fenphedrine, like JetFuel Superburn, provides powerful thermogenics to rev up your metabolism and decrease your appetite so you can burn more calories even when you’re at rest. However, Fenphedrine takes this approach one step further by providing consumers with clinically proven concentrations and a 90 day money back guarantee, which definitely inspires a little more confidence in Fenphedrine’s overall effectiveness.

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