Kre-A-Fem Review


The only product based on creatine and specifically made for the female dieter, Kre-A-Fem talks about giving you ultimate energy for your workouts and other creatine based benefits without the bloating, water retention, or other side effects of Kre-A-Fem.

They claim that Kre-A-Fem will finally help you to effectively speaking achieve greater muscle building and workout benefits, even promoting greater cardio benefits. But the question is, does Kre-A-Fem actually come through?

Kre-A-Fem has a blend of calcium, kre-alkalyn creatine, black cohosh extract, soy isoflavones extract, magnesium as chelate, iron as chelate, and coenzyme Q10.

The Truth

Kre-A-Fem does actually have the one effective ingredient for workouts known as creatine. Likewise, they have soy isoflavones, which have been recognized as being effective and beneficial for the female body in general. However, creatine works by pushing water between the muscles and the skin. It has to retain water in order to work. If you use diuretics, yes you are getting rid of the water weight. But you are also getting rid of the ways in which Kre-A-Fem actually works. This being said, the other ingredients found in Kre-A-Fem actually have nothing to do with weight loss or workouts at all.

Kre-A-Fem does not have what it takes for greater success. It does not have the right ingredients, the right amounts, or anything else. With Kre-A-Fem, you do not actually lose any weight or achieve any better results, and when it comes right down to it, there are easily far better options available if you know where to look and what to look for.

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