Leanbody Hi-Energy Fat Burner Review

Why is getting fit and lean so hard? For some of you being motivated enough to get started is a big deal—for others weight loss seems to stop after the first week’s initial water weight has come off, and despondency sends you to the fridge.

You need help. And you don’t just require it in the shape of a pill that makes your heart beat faster, and has you racing around like your pants are on fire either. Because a lot of your issues are mental and emotional.

Dieting pretty much does a number on the psyche. The first few days you stick to it through sheer iron will, but then you start to feel down and irritated because you can’t eat what everyone else is.

The body and mind are so closely connected, you need a diet pill that’s going to help you feel good, as well as helping with appetite and fat burning. That way you have a chance of going on—and staying on your new diet regime.

Leanbody Hi-Energy Fat Burner by Labrado Sport’s Nutrition may be the product for you. Not only does it contain ingredients that send signals to the brain that you’re full, and others to help you raise metabolism and fat burning, but it also contains mood enhancers.

Mood enhancers will make you feel happy and “up”, as well as energized and motivated—so you don’t give up before you even really get started.

Or so Labrada’s marketing team tell you. Does Leanbody Hi-Energy Fat Burner work?

The truth will be in the ingredients.

Leanbody Hi-Energy Fat Burner Ingredients

Leanbody Hi-Energy Fat Burner contains a lot of ingredients. The first three listed here are given in a 340 mg Lean Body® Thermoblend:

L-Tyrosine—works to improve mood and stimulate you mentally, even helping with depression.
L-Carnitine—converts fat into energy. You produce L-Carnitine yourself, and it has not been proven that adding additional L-Carnitine to the body really helps with fat metabolism.
Naringin—helps caffeine stay effective longer. May even help decrease appetite and burn fat.

Other ingredients include 200 mg of Caffeine which is certainly a high enough dose to get your metabolism going, 20 mg of L-Theanine–to counter any negative effects of caffeine so you get the sustainable energy without the jitters, and 20 mg of 1,3 Dimethylpentylamine or “geranium oil”, purported to send signals to the brain that you’re full and can stop eating.

So there are a few good ingredients here. 200 mg of caffeine will certainly get you “moving and shaking”, but we somehow doubt that 20 mg of L-Theanine will effectively stop the negative side effects.

L-Tyrosine is an excellent mood enhancing agent—in the correct dose. Unfortunately it’s hard to tell if you’re getting it in a “proprietary blend.”

1,3 Dimethylpentylamine is another good ingredient—but 20 mg is a low dose.

Bottom line—ingredients=pretty good. Quantities=possibly bad.

Leanbody Hi-Energy Fat Burner Possible Side Effects

As stated, we doubt L-Theanine is in a high enough dose to completely counter the negative side effects associated with caffeine (the jitters, headaches, stomach ailments, restlessness, irritability.)

Keep that in mind when you try this product.

Leanbody Hi-Energy Fat Burner Price and Refund Policy

Leanbody Hi-Energy Fat Burner will cost you $39.99 on the Labrada official site for a 60-count bottle (or 30-day supply.)

You can find it on other sites for as little as $21.99, however.

Considering the lack of money-back guarantee, you’ll want to buy as cheaply as possible.

Leanbody Hi-Energy Fat Burner Conclusion

Being “in the mood” for changing the way you look is absolutely essential. But we can’t really stand behind Leanbody Hi-Energy Fat Burner because we believe the main component (caffeine) will surpass the effects of the other ingredients.

Yes, you’ll probably feel more energy—and you’ll certainly be revved up—but the mood enhancers are in too low of a dose to make you feel good about it!

You may want to review these top-rated diet pills instead. They have science behind them—and a full, often LIFETIME, money-back guarantee.

That way if you don’t “feel good” about your weight loss results, you can return your pill of choice without hassle and—try another one!

Good luck!

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