Leptin Control Formula Review

Leptin Control Formula Are you tired of all the products that say they can give you weight loss but fall flat on their face?

Leptin Control Formula, through 7 years of research and an 8 week clinical trial believes that they have the proof they need to convince you that they are the real deal. Let’s dig a little deeper and find out for ourselves if Leptin Control Formula can actually deliver the proven weight loss results they promise.

The Ingredient List

Leptin Control Formula is made from two simple ingredients, high viscosity polysaccharides from
acacia gum and esterified fatty acids

Acacia Gum a mood enhancer, has not been proven to have any effects on weight or weight loss. Its medicinal uses include benefits as an astringent, a cure for rabies and an aid for treating pre-mature ejaculation. Acacia gum has also been known to help those with chronic renal failure.

Esterified fatty acids are known anti-inflammatory agents, also having no link to Leptin levels or weight loss.

In essence, it appears that the two active ingredients play no role in active weight loss or weight loss maintenance.

The Promise

Even though their ingredients seem to fail, Leptin Control Formula still claims they can give you impressive weight loss results.

They say that by using Leptin Control Formula you can have reduced body fat and body weight, reduced hip, waist and thigh measurements and regulation of hormones essential in fat production (leptin and adiponectin).

The Research

There have been research studies done and clinical trials performed that have shown weight loss results. These studies were performed both at the University of Connecticut and the University of Minnesota.

However, even though these studies showed positive results over a small time period, there is no proof that this weight loss can be maintained in the long run.

What Else You Should Know About Leptin Control Formula

Leptin Control Formula has produced little or no side-effects in the majority of patients. Those who do experience side-effects usually do so in the form of diarrhea, nausea or gas.

The price of Leptin Control Formula is usually between $30-40 a bottle, however, it is only available through third party websites and therefore does not come with any sort of guarantee.

Additionally, there are very few consumer reviews on this product.

Our Recommendations

Even though clinical studies have shown signs of promise with this supplement, we believe there are far better products on the market that have produced effective, long-lasting results. We recommend staying away from Leptin Control Formula.

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