LeptinX Review

Forget crash diets and miracle pills. LeptinX claims to have the formula that can transform your weight loss efforts. Makers of LeptinX say that their patented formula helps to reduce Leptin levels, which have been positively linked to obesity.

Let’s take a closer look at their formula and see if LeptinX really can get you the weight loss results you’ve been looking for.

The Patented Formula

Leptin has long been named the “hunger hormone” because of the powerful effects it has on appetite control. Leptin is the hormone that tells your body when it is time to stop eating. Even though they are the control for appetite, higher Leptin levels create Leptin resistance, in which the body isn’t able to properly respond to the hormone’s commands.

Leptin weight loss supplements are formulated to help keep your Leptin levels at a low level, so that you can effectively suppress appetite and lose weight.

LeptinX is made with high viscosity polysaccharides from acacia gum and esterified fatty acids. Unfortunately, neither one of these products have any proven weight loss or Leptin regulating effects.

Prove It!

Clinical studies have been done on LeptinX to try to prove its effectiveness. In fact, a double-blind study was performed over an 8 week period on healthy, overweight women. Results showed success.

These women had reduced body fat and weight and reduced waist measurements. In addition, this supplement helped to regulate the fat hormones (leptin and adiponectin).

It should also be noted however that both the placebo group and the LeptinX users were placed on a low fat, restricted calorie diet and participated in a cardiovascular exercise program under the supervision of medical staff during this clinical trial.

What Else Should You Know about LeptinX?

Even though clinical trials and research studies have been performed on this supplement, there has been no solid evidence of long lasting results.

In addition, there are no consumer reviews and the product does not have a website. You must purchase it through a third party source, which includes no guarantee and varying price ranges.

What We Think

It appears that LeptinX has no proven ingredients to control Leptin in the body. Additionally, because there is no guarantee of results or consumer reviews we would not recommend this product.

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