Lipo-Sear Review


Lipo-Sear is a weight loss product that is marketed by Empyrean Nutrition to be able to control your appetite, give you more energy, and improve your mood and focus levels.

Although this sounds like a reasonable enough approach to weight loss, we decided to do a little research before we took Empyrean Nutrition’s word for it.

What Does Lipo-Sear Do?

Even though Lipo-Sear isn’t initially marketed as a fat-burner, it begins to make the claim that it will also help you burn fat as you continue to read more about it; claiming to have multiple ingredients that “aid in lipolysis.”

However, after looking at its ingredients, we can see that it works more as a stimulant than anything else.

What Does Lipo-Sear Have Going For It?

Among Lipo-Sear’s many stimulants, an average sized dose of caffeine is present. Although caffeine isn’t an effective weight loss ingredient on its own, research has shown that caffeine can help enhance other weight loss ingredients.

Unfortunately, we didn’t find any other ingredients that impressed us.

Should I Try Lipo-Sear?

Not only did we not find any other impressive ingredients, but we also found ingredients that could leave you with serious and lasting damage.

The ingredient, phenylethylamine HCL, is also known as ephedrine, the weight loss ingredient that caused all of the mass recall of diet pills in the early 2000s.

Ephedrine has since been banned by the FDA because it has been shown to cause heart problems, stroke and even death.

Even though it is not healthy to remain overweight, you should never compromise your health in order to lose weight. Those who have taken ephedrine-based products and lived to tell the tale describe the lasting, negative impact those products had on their life.

Since Lipo-Sear doesn’t have any ingredients that have impressed us, and it has ingredients that have been known to be dangerous, we can’t recommend this weight loss product.

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