Lipodrene Hardcore Review

Lipodrene Hardcore is marketed as a potent fat burner specifically designed to please loyal fans and attract new fans with a clinically proven blend of weight loss ingredients that eviscerate fat and revamp metabolism. Lipodrene Hardcore promises weight loss benefits with no crash and no jitters, eliminating even the most stubborn fat cells and trouble spots.

Does Lipodrene Hardcore Have Clinically Proven Weight Loss Ingredients?

Lipodrene Hardcore uses natural ingredients that have been clinically proven to promote healthy weight loss in clinical studies. Lipodrene Hardcore relies on natural ingredients such as Synephrine, an ingredient that has been clinically tested as an ephedrine alternative, and green tea, a traditional tea commonly used in ancient Chinese medicine that has consequently been proven as a natural fat burner and antioxidant.

Lipodrene Hardcore uses ingredients such as the stimulant free evodiamine, which has been clinically proven to burn fat without any jitters or caffeine related side effects. As it turns out, Lipodrene Hardcore has a wide range of fat burners and other clinically proven weight loss ingredients, but that is not necessarily the whole picture.

The Dark Side of Lipodrene Hardcore

Lipodrene Hardcore may use a plethora of clinically proven fat burning ingredients, but this fat burning formula uses one approach that calls the whole fat burning formula into question. Lipodrene Hardcore is one of a small number of fat burners using ephedrine, an ingredient which was previously banned in the United States because of a series of deaths and other reports of serious and sometimes life threatening side effects.

Currently, products like Lipodrene Hardcore are not legally allowed to use the necessary and clinically proven 250mg of ephedrine for fat burning, but ironically, the legally approved 25mg is not enough to promote clinically proven fat burning benefits. The only thing that reports show since the ephedra ban was overturned is that this small dose can still cause serious side effects.

Is Lipodrene Hardcore Worth the Risk as a Fat Burner?

Lipodrene Hardcore comes with possible side effects that are not acceptable in any form. We don’t find the risk of death to be an acceptable risk. However, if Lipodrene Hardcore had a clinically proven weight loss blend, we know some dieters who would minimize the side effects and play up the benefits.

Lipodrene Hardcore may have clinically proven fat burners and healthy weight loss ingredients, but we cannot ensure that Lipodrene Hardcore has enough power. Lipodrene Hardcore uses proprietary blends, which are common, but especially when the risks are this high, we cannot accept any excuses. We want to know all of the facts including the doses of each and every ingredient to even begin to counteract the downsides of a diet pill like Lipodrene Hardcore.

Overall, Lipodrene Hardcore is simply too dangerous to the average dieter, and it does not have enough scientific evidence to suggest that it can promote healthy weight loss.

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