Lipodrene XR Review

lipodrene xrAre you like millions of other people in the world, and are overweight? Do you have fat bulging over your waistline, and hanging to the sides of your thighs? What about arm “wings”?

Fat has the ability to ruin your week—especially if you’re meeting up with old friends who haven’t seen you for several years and remember you as “skin on a stick.”

Well first of all, don’t worry about the friends. They probably suffer with weight woes too.

Secondly, you can purchase a good fat burner like Lipodrene XR and—along with diet and exercise—begin to burn off the butter.

But will Lipodrene XR prove effective where other diet pills have failed? And will it work without compromising your health? That’s why you’re here on—to find only the best—and safest diet pill.

The Lipodrene XR Ingredients:

Lipodrene XR includes ingredients that will boost metabolic rate, initiate fat burning, improve mood, and increase energy and workout performance.

These include:

lipodrene xr supplement factsAcacia rigidula extract which contains N-methyl-phenylethylamine, methylsynephrine, and theobromine. This “shrubbery” is thought to suppress appetite, oxidize (break-down) fat, and promote fat burning. Some experts believe Acacia rigidula does not affect weight loss at all, however.

Geranium works like ephedra, but without side effects—which some experts disagree upon. Geranium is supposed to promote metabolism and fat burning.

Yohimbe for improved strength, stamina and energy—in and out of the sack!

Green coffee bean extract, Green tea extract and Theobroma cocoa extract for fat break down, mood and metabolism.

Caffeine 45mg EGCG 50mg polyphenols, 25mg theobromine, 5mg chlorogenic acid 5mg theophylline, and 1mg 5-caffeoylquinic acid for fat release and burning.

Here’s the bad news. These ingredients are delivered in not one, but two “Proprietary Blends” around 400 mgs each. Blends are notorious for offering ineffective dosages, and tend to “dilute” a diet pill’s effectiveness.

Is there Ephedra?

In an earlier version of Lipodrene, this product once contained 25 mg of Ephedra. The company has since reformulated Lipodrene XR to be ephedra free.

Lipodrene XR Safety Issues:

Two things—Geranium is thought to mimic Ephedrine of old. This is good—and bad. Ephedrine was a potent fat releaser and burner, stimulating certain enzymes to release the energy stored inside your fat cells and burning them off. Ephedrine also proved damaging to the cardiovascular and central nervous systems. But that’s not all, geranium extract has been known to test negatively on a drug test – so you’ll want to be careful when you use it.

Also—this formula is rich in stimulants. If you are sensitive to them—or suffer with Hypertension or other heart-related illness, you should not try Lipodrene XR. Many consumers complained of nausea, dizziness, rapid/irregular heartbeat while taking this supplement.

Obviously women who are pregnant or nursing should completely stay away.


Lipdorene XR is fairly easy to use: simply take 1-2 tablets in the morning and 1 tablet at lunch. If you’re sensitive to stimulants, you may want to start out with simply 1 tablet in the morning and assess your tolerance for the ingredients before working your way up to the full dosage.

Lipodrene XR Cost and Availability:

Something else we’re not in love with is Lipodrene XR’s cost. At $69.99 it seems steep considering the ingredients and delivery. (Not to mention the fact that Lipodrene XR is not available on the official Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals website, which is a bit “iffy.”)

Fortunately, you can purchase Lipodrene XR at GNC—who is a trusted retailer.

The Lipodrene XR Refund Policy:

GNC offers a 30-day no hassle money-back guarantee on any product sold under their roof. Consequently, you can buy with confidence.

Who Makes Lipodrene XR?

Lipodrene XR is produced by the company known as Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, which offers an entire line of supplements for weight loss as well as formulas for improving your overall health. Their facility is FDA-approved (though their products are not) and they also sell formulas to other companies to re-label. It’s highly possible that Lipodrene XR is already on the market under a different name.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is primarily known for its diet pill Fastin, which you can read more about here.

The Lipodrene XR Bottom Line:

Judging from the poor consumer reviews this product has receivde as well as the lack of clinically proven ingredients, I believe your money is better spent. There are far more effective—and safe—diet pills out there. While Lipodrene is strong enough to get your heart racing and your blood flowing, its fat-burning results are not worth the risk of negative side effects.

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