LipoDyne Review

LipodyneLipoDyne knows you, the everyday dieter. You’ve tried diet pills before, and yet nothing seems to work, because according to LipoDyne, other diet pills are not made for you. But of course, LipoDyne is!

LipoDyne is marketed toward the busy professional, the stay at home mom, the soccer mom, the guy who gets home from work too exhausted to do anything but go to bed, basically every average or even blue collar worker who wants to lose weight. How do they do this?

By providing the South African miracle that you have been previously deprived of, of course! According to ads, it will burn more fat while also protecting and enhancing precious lean muscle mass. You no longer have to kill yourself, because as we have heard before from many a failed product, LipoDyne is here to save the day! Let’s see what there is to say about LipoDyne.

First, it’s simple really: LipoDyne does not list any ingredients. If we wanted to, we could just leave it at this. No ingredients = no results. But keep reading if you want to find out more.

The Truth

We’re not particularly surprised by this turn of events. We’ve seen some companies that use these tactics with a “free trial offer” meant to draw you into an expensive auto ship. At least LipoDyne does not do that. But honestly, it’s little consolation. LipoDyne hides all of the details that matter for a reason. It’s not just a fluke.

Lipodyne is to be honest no exception to the rules we have developed by reviewing hundreds of different diet supplements. Take a look for yourself.

Rule #1: Effective formulas always reveal a full ingredients list! Good products don’t focus on “active” ingredients, let alone do they hide all of their ingredients like LipoDyne.

Rule #2: Conclusive formulas use real studies – We hate to break it to you. But the so called LipoDyne study is not real! There is no study that matches these statistics, and most will tell you whether they took 8 or 12 weeks. Studies don’t measure body fat loss, they measure weight loss, and they obviously can’t provide a link that doesn’t actually exist!

Rule #3: There is no such thing as an effective weight loss serum/drop – There are diet pills, diet powders, diet drinks, etc. that provide substance and account for the clinically proven 1000mg of things like glucomannan or perhaps 150mg of Irvingia Gabonensis or 400mg of caffeine. 10 drops of a serum cannot provide those necessary amounts, and LipoDyne supposedly only requires that you take something like 2 drops.

Rule #4: There is no 3rd world secret to revolutionary weight loss – If you have dreamed of a miracle that would make all of your struggles obsolete, you’re not alone. Most of us do. We hope that our body is just defective and some magical diet pill can fix all of that. But most of the citizens of Brazil, South Africa, and other third world countries don’t eat on a regular basis, because third world citizens cannot afford to, losing weight via malnutrition.


LipoDyne has broken all of the cardinal rules of weight loss. LipoDyne has fancy claims and flashy advertising. But objectively speaking, they do not have any clinically proven ingredients, and from what we can tell, the only scam it is missing is the “free trial offer” we’ve found with other products.

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