Lipomin Review


“Get a body you can be proud of”—that’s the promise made to you by Lipomin if you try their twice-a-day diet pill. In fact, Lipomin is so confident that you’ll lose weight, they’ve given you a 90-day money back guarantee alongside your purchase of the weight loss supplement.

Confidence is always present from diet pill manufacturers in the weight loss industry, but it isn’t always backed up by material promises like these.
It this confidence warranted? Can Lipomin really do what it says and help jump-start your metabolism, curb cravings and burn fat?

We’ll help you decide for yourself in this review by walking you through what ingredients are active in Lipomin, the side effects associated with the pill, and whether or not it’s a hassle to take.

What Ingredients Are In Lipomin?

Lipomin is composed of a formula of eight different ingredients, each with listed amounts. It’s not often that a diet pill is up front about what’s in their formula, so this gives us added confidence in Lipomin.

Here’s a look at what those eight ingredients are and what they do, along with their included doses.

Glucomannan (1000mg) works on the hunger suppressing front by expanding in your stomach and keeping you full for longer. This dietary fiber also reduces cholesterol levels in dieters and has been shown to help study participants lose an average of 5.5 pounds over eight weeks.

Raspberry Ketones (100mg) are derived from the chemical 4-butan-2-one, which leads the fight against fat by increasing the body’s metabolism. It is effective even in this small, clinically-recommended dose.

Evodiamine (50mg) increases thermogenesis in the body, raising the internal temperature and burning fat. It also prevents the storage of fat as adipose tissue, instead converting it to energy.

Ginger Root (50mg) is a common natural remedy. In this case, it reduces gastric problem often attached to weight loss by reducing PH levels in the stomach.

Phenylethylamine (37.5mg) is the same hormone that boosts the mood when used in chocolate. Here, it combats the depression and anxiety often experienced by people trying to lose weight.

Vitamin B12 (500mcg) is an essential vitamin that works on two heads—it regulates the metabolism and increases serotonin levels, a further boost to your weight loss and mood.

Chromax (500mcg) is a patented form of chromium believed to regulate insulin levels and control the appetite. Though chromium itself is disputed in weight loss, this form has been shown to lower caloric intake by 365 calories per day.

Caffeine Anhydrous (199mcg) is a mild form of caffeine that metabolizes fat and increases energy, leading to thermogenesis and more physical and mental readiness to exercise.

Are There Any Side Effects Associated With Lipomin?

As an all-natural supplement that uses gentle ingredients, Lipomin is largely without side effects. However, reactions attendant with glucomannan and caffeine may bother you.

Glucomannan is a fiber and as such may cause digestive changes, such as excess gas or irregular bowel movements. However, the inclusion of ginger root should mitigate these effects.

As for caffeine, it can cause the jitters, anxiety, nervousness, and trouble sleeping. It is included here in a small dosage, however, so if unless you have extreme caffeine sensitivity, it likely won’t adversely affect you.

How Do I Use Lipomin?

To take Lipomin, it’s recommended that you take two pills 30 minutes before breakfast and another two pills 30 minutes before lunch with 12 ounces of water each time.

Lipomin works best alongside healthy diet and exercise.

Should I Try Lipomin?

We believe Lipomin is a solid product that will help you achieve weight loss, provided that you’re willing to work for it. It has clinically-proven ingredients in the right amounts, uses the right form of these ingredients, and has a dosage safe for most people and free of side effects.

If you diet and exercise correctly, we’re almost as confident as Lipomin that you will see results.

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