Lipozene Review

Let’s see. Do we evaluate Lipozene based on what the website says or what others have dug up? You can’t necessarily rely on anything that’s not on the official website. But then again, it’s worth guessing. Let’s take a look at the website first.

The website focuses on 4 basic ideas:
“78% of each pound post is pure body fat”
“Lipozene diet pills are backed by multiple clinical studies”
“Reduce pounds of body fat and weight without a change in lifestyle”
“Lipozene weight loss supplements are safe and effective”

This is all pretty convenient considering that Lipozene doesn’t show you any of these so called clinical studies, and oh surprise, Lipozene doesn’t list any ingredients, unless you look at the fine fine print. There’s no full ingredients list, and there’s no label mentioning how much konjac root Lipozene happens to use.

That’s called unsubstantiated claims. So what about the unofficial information?

There are some who say that Lipozene has other ingredients. But truth be told, all of the other ingredients some have named are fillers, hardly what I’d consider to be “active ingredients.” Nobody’s doing Lipozene any favors.

And yes, konjac root does have one clinical study. But then again, that study used 1000mg, and everybody I know says that Lipozene doesn’t use 1000mg. Figures considering the fact that Lipozene doesn’t tell you either way. Actually, Lipozene doesn’t even bother including the so called “study” on the main website.

Is any of this surprising?

Lipozene – Conclusion

Let’s see, an infomercial product hides the important details. An infomercial product makes false claims and even impossible claims. An infomercial fails to produce results, hoping that you are the type to buy on impulse. Does any of this sound out of the ordinary? If you’ve ordered an infomercial diet pill before, I hope you’ve learned your lesson. If you’ve stuck to diet pills with more realistic references, good for you. Hopefully you’ll always stay away from products like Lipozene. Instead, check out our recommended diet pills.

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