Liquid Fire Review

Liquid Fire is one of the newer ephedrine based fat burners recently introduced to the market. Wait, wasn’t ephedrine banned? Yes, technically it was, but the government overturned that ban as long as companies use about 1/10 of what most companies used to (250mg). Companies like Liquid Fire don’t use ephedrine as their only ingredient anymore, instead diversifying. However, this one little ingredient still says a lot.

What Ephedrine Says

The fact that Liquid Fire uses ephedrine could speak volumes. Whether we like to admit it or not, ephedrine was originally banned for a reason. There were deaths, and people continue to sue products that use ephedrine (due to serious reported side effects). Any product using it takes a serious risk with your health for a small marketing boost associated with ephedrine.

It makes us doubt the rest of the formula solely based on this. Granted, from what we have seen, the other ingredients in Liquid Fire are strong and clinically proven ingredients. So why take the risk? Liquid Fire does this we assume to try to set themselves apart.

What is in the Rest of the Formula?

Liquid Fire has plenty of clinically proven ingredients, many of which could stand on their own two feet. Ingredients such as synephrine can burn more fat (and in the case of synephrine also suppress appetite) while guggulsterones and taurine support healthy lean muscle mass (which is essential for healthy weight loss and weight maintenance).

Virtually every ingredient we see in Liquid Fire makes sense, with the exception of ephedrine.

Is This Enough?

Liquid Fire is one of the few weight loss products that we have seen that lists the individual doses of every ingredient used, meaning that there is a good chance that Liquid Fire might help you to lose more weight. Liquid Fire has quite a few of the most popular weight loss ingredients such as caffeine and evodiamine, and there are plenty of products based on just one of those that seem to be quite effective.

Why Liquid Fire would need to use ephedrine, we still don’t understand.

However, like a lot of other products we have seen, Liquid Fire use amounts of ingredients that seem a little too small to us to actually be effective. We could be missing some vital studies (that have not yet been published) or other information that would tell us just how powerful the Liquid Fire formula could be. So far however, we cannot be entirely sure.

If you have purchased and used Liquid Fire, please let us know what you think. Let us know if Liquid Fire helped you to lose weight, if there were side effects, etc. below.

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