Malice by Chaotic Labz Review

Malice by Chaotic Labz uses a mixture of fat burners with other ingredients that according to ads, can enhance your memory and focus for work and study. According to Chaotic Labz, Malice uses only the finest ingredients that combine to eliminate extra fat stores without any harmful chemicals or serious compromise. Malice by Chaotic Labz uses relatively common ingredients, but it can only be found on the Chaotic Labz website at $99.99 a bottle.

Why the High Cost?

The high cost of Malice by Chaotic Labz seems to be nothing more than a marketing ploy. If you pay more for any product, including Malice by Chaotic Labz, you assume that it must have something better to offer as compared to the average competitor.

Malice by Chaotic Labz actually uses rather ordinary ingredients that can be found in plenty of other diet pills at a considerably lower cost. Ingredients like green tea can be powerful ways to burn fat and therefore lose more weight, but there are $20 pills that provide the same basic thing.

Is Malice by Chaotic Labz Different?

Malice by Chaotic Labz uses ingredients that have been through clinical trials before, and it is possible that Malice by Chaotic Labz has something else. When you look past the ingredients themselves, there are a lot of competitors that use popular ingredients, but do not bother to use the clinically proven amounts.

If Malice by Chaotic Labz were to provide one of the few diet pills that actually uses the clinically proven amounts of ingredients like green tea, synephrine, and in this case the appetite suppressant phenylethylamine, therefore matching clinical studies, that could give Malice by Chaotic Labz a better edge than the average competitor.

However, so far, Malice by Chaotic Labz uses proprietary blends like basically every other competitor. There is no way to verify whether or not Malice by Chaotic Labz has the clinically proven amounts of its ingredients, just like virtually every other competitor, and the only thing that we can verify is that Malice by Chaotic Labz will probably cause side effects for some because of the caffeine.

Should You Buy Malice by Chaotic Labz?

At $100 a bottle, we would not suggest buying Malice by Chaotic Labz. It seems like a high price to pay even for a decent diet pill, in part because of all of the great diet pills we have already seen at a fraction of that cost. Malice by Chaotic Labz has clinically proven weight loss ingredients, but like many others, we are not sure that Malice by Chaotic Labz has the clinically proven amounts.

So far, there is nothing to prove to us that Malice by Chaotic Labz is any better than diet pills that sell for $50, $20, or even $10 in extreme cases. On a basic level, we see a lot of caffeine, a lot of possible side effects, and not much, if anything, in the way of a higher value associated with Malice by Chaotic Labz.

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