Mango Thin Review

Have you heard about powerful African Mango?

Hailing from the rainforests of Africa, this unassuming little fruit has become an almost overnight sensation—particularly since endorsed by Dr. Oz a while back on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Clinically proven to:

• Radically increase Leptin production, a hormone that prevents the body from manufacturing more fat cells
• Normalize blood sugar after eating so you don’t overeat or crave high-sugar or high-carb snacks
• Fill your stomach by swelling to many times its size—leaving you feeling full before you finish your plate—

— African Mango really is a “miracle” ingredient. But can Mango Thin deliver the quality and quantity of African Mango to give you all those effects? Or is it one of the myriad of products out there who’ve jumped on the African Mango wagon, and is produced far below effective standard?

Mango Thin Ingredient Details:

Mango Thin only contains African Mango. This can be good—and bad. If Mango Thin offers you at least a 150 mg per capsule dosage, and pure African Mango without additional “fillers”, you’re probably okay.

Here’s the thing; the Mango Thin label is not disclosed anywhere online, and without looking at it, we really cannot gauge Mango Thin’s effectiveness.

Also, there are many top-rated diet pills out there that contain African Mango in correct quantity (and quality) that offer additional top-rated ingredients. Why would you really buy a diet pill using only one ingredient when you can benefit from several?

Mango Thin Recommended Use:

You should swallow one capsule of Mango Thin before eating, either two times, or three times a day. This is the dosage used in clinical trial. Please make sure you’re consuming 150 mgs each time.

Take with a glass of water—warm if preferred for optimum absorption—and allow 15-30 minutes for the fiber in the African Mango to give you a feeling of satiety before eating your meal.

Mango Thin Cost, Availability and Value for Money:

At around $13.98 for a 60-count bottle (which if the mg amount is correct should be a 30-day supply), Mango Thin is extreme value for money—providing it doesn’t contain worthless fillers.

Mango Thin is available from retailers like and CVS Pharmacy. We highly recommend reviewing the Mango Thin bottle label before buying; so if you shop at CVS, check it out!

Mango Thin Conclusion:

Remember Acai and the propaganda that followed? African Mango products are heading the same direction.

Be smart and buy only a top-rated diet pill—preferably one that includes clinical dosage, and quality African Mango as part of its formula. There’s nothing worse than being duped by low quality junky products, after all.

We’re not saying Mango Thin fits into that category, but without an ingredient label, it’s not hard to push it in that direction.

Good luck!

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