Meratol Review

Would you take the word of some vendor on the street who offered you a miraculous diet pill made of only the best ingredients? Okay, maybe you would. I typically stick to purses and shirts when buying from street vendors. But maybe you like the idea of something…..small?

Me, I demand clinical proof, I demand information, and sometimes I go back and do a little research. I look for independent websites with the same charts, the same studies, and the same information. But the point: don’t take any company’s word for it. So what does this mean for Meratol?

Facts About Meratol

Meratol uses a natural blend of ingredients, and technically it could be hyped up on TV or on the street. It sells only in the UK, and of course, Meratol tries to make you believe that all of these ingredients will promote powerful clinically proven fat burning, appetite suppressing, carb blocking weight loss results.

No Appetite Suppressants

But the ingredients in Meratol are not necessarily as great as it may seem. For one thing, there are no appetite suppressants. I assume that Meratol thinks you will assume that cactus means hoodia. But if you look at the human clinical trials, human clinical trials show that hoodia does not suppress appetite or promote any other benefits.

One Fat Burner

There is only one fat burner, and I suspect that a piece of chewing gum might actually be better. Chewing gum has been clinically proven to promote a mild fat burning effect. Capsicum has been proven. But again, the effect is extremely mild at best. And that’s only if you use the clinically proven amounts, which I think it’s safe to say that Meratol doesn’t. include Prickly pear, Brown seaweed extract, Cactus extract, and Capsicum extract.

No Carb Blockers

Technically, prickly pear is a species of plants called Opuntia, and there is one plant called NeOpuntia that blocks fat. But I can’t guarantee that Meratol uses NeOpuntia, and even if it did, that’s a fat blocker, not a carb blocker.

Meratol – Conclusion

Is there any truth in advertising? Not when it comes to Meratol. When you use Meratol, you will find that the complete lack of clinically proven ingredients is bad enough. But I suspect that the ingredients Meratol is hiding may also cause some nasty side effects. So where is the upside? How do you win? Simple answer: you don’t. Instead, check out our top rated diet pills.

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