Metabo-Drene Diet Review

We’re used to diet pills with overblown egos that promise you the world and fail to deliver, but we’re not used to Metabo-Drene. Metabo-Drene gives you a list of ingredients….and that’s it. There are no key benefits or flashy promises. The Metabo-Drene website does not depict impossibly thin models or muscle bound hunks. This is one product that simply leaves things up to the imagination. The Vitamin Shoppe, the makers of Metabo-Drene, simply let you decide.

What Are the Ingredients?

Metabo-Drene uses a blend of natural ingredients that do make some sense. Ingredients like garcinia cambogia have been through tests before. In fact, multiple studies have proven that garcinia cambogia increases fat burning without stimulants. In addition, chromium might be the healthiest way to regulate your blood sugar, which can help you to control your cravings and improve fat metabolism. The effect is surprisingly minimal.

We find that not all of the ingredients in Metabo-Drene are quite as powerful though. For example, studies have never actually proven l-carnitine to do anything, and Guarana is only proven to increase energy. Studies have never been able to prove that Guarana has any fat burning capabilities.

The Balance of Metabo-Drene

All you need is one clinically proven ingredient to achieve clinically proven weight loss. So the fact that Metabo-Drene has garcinia cambogia tells us that as long as you get the clinically proven amounts of this one ingredient, you’re good to go. The fact that Metabo-Drene provides the doses of each ingredient instead of hiding behind a proprietary blend certainly helps.

Because we can see all of the basic product details, we know that this product does not actually have the clinically proven amounts of garcinia cambogia. Instead of using the clinically proven 1500mg, Metabo-Drene has only 500mg.

Is Metabo-Drene a Reputable Supplement?

We have a hard time saying anything about what Metabo-Drene’s reputation should be as a product and a company. After all, Metabo-Drene doesn’t technically say anything about weight loss….or really anything. There is no description whatsoever. The company allows you to draw your own conclusions from the ingredients alone.

What we do know for sure is that if you are looking for a weight loss supplement, it’s always possible that Metabo-Drene may defy the odds. However, with only one clinically proven ingredient in a dose that is too small to actually match the clinical studies, the likelihood of Metabo-Drene increasing your weight loss is small.

Metabo-Drene has the clinically proven 200mcg of chromium, which means that this product may help you to control your cravings for bad carb based foods. If you eat fewer carbs, you may lose weight. However, in terms of conventional weight loss supplements, Metabo-Drene does not actually fill that void.

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