Metabo Speed X Review

metabo speed x

Metabo Speed X has been named a diet pill for both celebrities and housewives, which is not a bad thing. We don’t see it as an extreme approach, and we don’t see it as anything that is necessarily dangerous right off the bat. It focuses on the basic approaches to fat burning and metabolism, and according to the site, it is best possible value with a free bottle of colon cleanse (which is supposedly a $59 value). Metabo Speed X promises to promote sustainable results, helping you to lose weight that you can keep off in the long term with “finally a diet pill that works!”

A Housewife Promotion?

We’re used to seeing celebrity promotions. Advertisers can’t necessarily get any quotes or official approaches, but they do put up pictures of celebrities like Julia Roberts, Halle Berry, and Angelina Jolie. Metabo Speed X does this, but it also provides pictures of a relatively normal looking woman who looks pretty thin and has before and after pictures that actually look like the same woman! It shouldn’t necessarily be so revolutionary, but it is.

Are the Ingredients Revolutionary?

Metabo Speed X uses a blend of pretty ordinary ingredients such as green tea, Korean ginseng, and garcinia cambogia. It uses ingredients that granted, we have seen a million times before, but we don’t necessarily see a problem with this. We find that there are ingredients in Metabo Speed X that are common because ingredients like green tea have been clinically proven to burn fat, and green tea also comes with quite a few antioxidant benefits. It’s just a matter of Metabo Speed X differentiating itself by using the clinically proven amounts, which would lead to positive customer reviews.

Customer Testimonials on Metabo Speed X

The testimonials on Metabo Speed X seem pretty positive to us, and so far, it seems to us that Metabo Speed X is on the right path to get real results. Based on the testimonials we have seen, we can say that Metabo Speed X does cause stimulant related problems, which is common enough. However, the results seem to be as positive as the side effects are negative.


Metabo Speed X capitalizes largely on celebrities, and it does have other approaches, such as using housewives who seem to back it up. From what we have seen so far, it seems that Metabo Speed X has clinically proven ingredients to be sure, and we think that it has enough of each ingredient to actually work. We don’t think that Metabo Speed X will work for everybody, and we do have our reserves. So far, we still think it has a good chance.

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