MethylHex 4.2 Review

MethylHex 4.2 Promising clean energy for weight lose, MethylHex 4.2 looks to be the ultimate “happy pill,” helping you to look as good as you feel with clinically ingredients.

According to the description, MethylHex 4.2 “is not just another caffeine pill that will make you feel jittery.” Instead, MethylHex 4.2 offfers healthy appetite suppression and fat burning as well as greater mental focus, clarity, and energy.

When compared to appetite suppressing formulas such as Fenphedrine, MethylHex 4.2 seems to come out on top, offering a large array of ingredients for a cheaper price, does it provide better results as well?

I decided to take a closer look to see what makes this product stand out as a potential diet pill.

Does It Support Healthy Weight Loss?

MethylHex 4.2 uses ingredients that have been through clinical studies before, and some of those studies suggest that the key ingredients in MethylHex 4.2 could naturally promote weight loss.

methylhex 4.2 supplement factsFor example, green tea has been proven as a metabolism booster, fat burner, and appetite suppressant, while further studies have shown that it also happens to have healthy antioxidant properties.

In addition, MethylHex 4.2 has caffeine anhydrous, a base ingredient that can be found in most of the oldest and most popular fat burners of the past. It produces a thermogenic fat burning effect, heating up the core of the body while simultaneously increasing metabolism.

Because of this and the appetite-suppressing effects of the kola nut (which is also based on caffeine) MethylHex 4.2 has a formula that could potentially promote weight loss, at least on the surface.

Does It Improve Mood & Focus?

While these may seem different and impressive at first, what many consumers don’t realize is that the same ingredients used to promote one benefit is typically used to promote the other. Ingredients like caffeine, which is proven to promote weight loss, can actually increase energy and improve focus while delivering a slight mood boost.

When combined with ingredients like DMAE, which is specifically tested as a focus supplement and others that have again been tested in multiple capacities, it is possible that the ingredients in MethylHex 4.2 could essentially give you the extra boost in mood and motivation to get up and moving again, making it easier to lose weight.

Will The Formula Actually Deliver?

MethylHex 4.2 uses ingredients that have been clinically proven with the right use. Unfortunately, MethylHex 4.2 combines all of these ingredients into one 206mg proprietary blend, and as much as we would like to be optimistic about this formula it’s simply not enough to ensure that every single ingredient is in its clinically proven concentrations.

For example, ingredients such as the Kola nut require at least 400mg or more in order to be effective and caffeine needs at least 350mg. A 206mg proprietary blend cannot give you the clinically proven amounts of even 1 of these ingredients, let alone all 3 of its main fat-burning ingredients.

Potential Side Effects

As you can see many of the ingredients for weight loss are stimulants, which can give you that extra boost in energy you need to push through your next workout but can also cause the following negative side effects:

• Dizziness
• Nausea
• Jitters
• Anxiety
• Upset Stomach
• Rapid or Irregular Heartbeat
• Insomnia
• Irritability

Additionally, the FDA issued a warning to consumers about the ingredient DMAA found inside MethylHex 4.2. You can read about the press announcement here:

Can You Stack MethylHex 4.2?

MethlHex 4.2 can be used with a wide variety of dietary supplements, so long as the ingredients aren’t the same and target different areas of weight loss. To ensure that you keep the side effects to a minimum, you should avoid taking any products that contain caffeine or stimulate thermogenesis.

Manufacturers recommend stacking MethylHex 4.2 with SEI Lean Team so you can feel good and look good. Adding a multivitamin and lean protein shake may also boost your overall body sculpting results.

Product Price

You can buy MethylHex 4.2 from for $59.99 a bottle (not including tax).

Who Makes MethylHex 4.2?

This formula is sold by SEI Nutrition, one of the more popular supplement manufacturers on the market. They’ve been producing supplements for over 10 years, and if you’re interested in custom manufacturing you can contact their sales representative at 800-808-8800. On the other hand, if you’d like to contact customer support, then you’d be better off sending an email to

It is unknown whether or not they have a money-back guarantee on their products.

Final Thoughts

We do believe that MethylHex 4.2 will probably increase energy levels with the caffeine, and it may even improve focus. However, we do not see MethylHex 4.2 as a fat burner as it would describe itself.

Fenphedrine, on the other hand, not only offers clinically proven amounts of caffeine, but this appetite-suppressing fat-burning formula uses cutting-edge technology to interact with appetite hormones known as CART and NPY. By increasing one and decreasing the other (respectively), Fenphedrine will trick your brain into feeling fuller for longer periods of time, so you can lose weight without feeling starved.

And if that’s not enough, Fenphedrine is backed with an amazing guarantee that will boost anyone’s mood.

You can read more about the benefits of Fenphedrine by clicking the link to the manufacturing site.

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