MRM Meta-Burn XTP Review

MRM Meta-Burn XTPBig products from big lies like MRM Meta-Burn XTP are always a tossup. On one hand, you would expect MRM Meta-Burn XTP to be a great product, because it has a reputation to uphold. MRM is a huge company that you assume has been around for so long because it must have clinically proven and powerful blends.

On the other hand, some have found that there are big companies that take advantage of a big name, because people assume that the best must be true. There are some companies that don’t use clinically proven ingredients, instead using fillers and preservatives. The good news is that MRM is one company with a stellar reputation, giving you a better chance.

MRM Meta-Burn XTP Ingredients

MRM Meta-Burn XTP ingredients include L-tyrosine, Freeze dried bovine thyroid extract, Monolodotyrosine, Diiodotyrosine, Green tea extract, Caffeine, Guarana, Theobromine, Octopamine, Coleus forskohlii, Xanthaurine, 4/5-7-trihydroxyflavonine, 3,3/4/7-tetrahydroxyxflavone, and Cayenne pepper.


• MRM Meta-Burn XTP has clinically proven green tea and theobromine as fat burners
• MRM Meta-Burn XTP uses the lean muscle builder coleus forskohlii
• MRM Meta-Burn XTP uses fat releasing Octopamine
• Has plenty of iodine for a healthy thyroid
• Also has a mood lifter and antioxidant
• Ultra low prices available
• Comes from MRM


• Iodine may not actually increase metabolism
• Does not have a set money back guarantee because it sells through third party retailers
• May cause caffeine related side effects


MRM Meta-Burn XTP comes from a company that has actually kept up a pretty good reputation in the past. From what we’ve seen, MRM Meta-Burn XTP seems to have clinically proven ingredients, and unlike other similar companies, MRM has worked to keep prices down. So far, we have seen other products that are more impressive, which is why we have our top products ranked, but we wouldn’t count MRM Meta-Burn XTP out, especially for those looking for a cheaper option.

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