Mulberry Trim Review

Ever had days when a handful of Whoppers just isn’t enough? It seems whenever we eat sugar, we crave more sugar. And that goes for carbohydrates too.

If someone were to ask me what my favorite food group is, I’d say “Pies, cookies and candy.”

Here’s the problem—when we eat, our blood sugar (glucose) is spiked. This causes two things—our bodies to signal that we’re still hungry despite eating a more than adequate meal (or inhibiting our “I’m full” response), and our craving for “sugary/high-carb” foods to increase.

Yeah, it’s a problem.

NHS (Natural Health Systems) believes they have a natural solution for our snack attacks. It’s a little, unassuming berry called Mulberry.

Mulberry contains 1-deooxynojirimycin (DNJ), a “potent glucosidase inhibitor.” This agent slows down the digestive process which works two ways:

• It keeps the food digesting longer so you feel fuller for a more extended period
• It slows down the absorption of carbohydrates and sugars so your blood glucose level stays stabilized and you’re not walking like a zombie to the junk food drawer (yes—I know you have one!)

Mulberry Trim harnesses the power of the Mulberry and claims to:

Support for Healthy Weight Loss!
• Helps Block Sugar Absorption!
• Helps to Normalize Blood Glucose Levels!

But can Mulberry Trim really work to trim you down by getting your eating under control?

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Mulberry Trim Ingredients

Mulberry Trim contains:

White Mulberry Extract 400 mg—found in one unofficial “unblinded” study to stabilize blood sugar in test subjects after eating, White Mulberry has yet to be scientifically studied for any real “hard” evidence.

And that’s all Mulberry Trim has to offer. There are no fat burning ingredients, nothing for thyroid health or focus. And an absence of ingredients designed to stimulate metabolism and energy levels.

Mulberry can be considered beneficial for the overall health, however. It provides high volumes of carotene, vitamin B1 and B2, and vitamin C.

Mulberry Trim Cost and Refund Policy

Mulberry Trim is $24.99 for 60 tablets. This seems inexpensive until you consider that recommended use is 2 capsules, 3 times a day before meals. That’s makes Mulberry Trim only a 10-day supply.

When you realize that other diet pills cost around $45-$50 but will last at least a full month—and they cover an entire spectrum of weight loss needs—you may realize your money is better spent.

NHS does not offer a money-back guarantee—also food for thought.

Mulberry Trim Side Effects

There have been no known or reported side effects from taking Mulberry. You should always consult your physician before supplementing anything however.

Mulberry Trim Conclusion

Instead of purchasing a diet pill with only one untested and unproven weight loss ingredient, why not look into those that are chock full of clinically tested—and guaranteed ingredients that will give you the results you deserve?

There are a few diet pills on the market today that are actually working to not only regulate blood sugar, but also help you with all the other elements of weight loss.

Check here for our top-rated picks.

And try to stay away from those Whoppers!

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