Neopil Caps Review

Neopil Caps looks to me like an M&M promising to help you to lose weight by melting away fat and boosting your metabolism, even melting away tough cellulite! The only difference is that the makers of Neopil Caps suggest you swallow this M&M instead of savoring the taste.

If you visit the Neopil Caps site, I noticed a few red flags right off the bat. For example, every customer review seems to say that the user lost 9kg, no more, no less. Statistically, this will never happen. Yes, it’s possible for some consumers to have the same body type. But dieters wouldn’t necessarily follow the same diet plan, most people do not have the same body type, and everybody faces different challenges, which is why clinical studies average out test subjects’ weight loss rather than telling consumers that “everybody who took this herb lost 9kg.”

But outside of that small glitch, another concern I have is the obscure ingredients. I’ve never heard of any of these ingredients in any other diet pill…..EVER, and I’ve seen some pretty strange ingredients. Believe it or not, diet pills sell in clusters. Even with the newest weight loss ingredient, there will always be at least 5 diet pills using it! If there is only one product or one company using it, it could not possibly be mistaken for a weight loss supplement.

Ingredient Details

White horehound – The main ingredient in a common candy, horehound can also act as a natural digestive aid. But it does not promote weight loss.

Tepozan – Found exclusively in Mexico, there is little information and no research showing any benefits with Tepozan.

Papaya Seed – A healthy fruit extract, Papaya seed has been used by some to fight common parasitic infections, which can be especially valuable in third world countries and areas without developed water systems. But it does not promote weight loss.

Tejocote leaves – Used by some as a natural diuretic and anti-inflammatory, this does not promote weight loss results.

Pros of Neopil Caps

*We see no pros with Neopil Caps

Cons of Neopil Caps

*There are no independent customer reviews online
*The important information (studies) is in Spanish
* Neopil Caps has no clinically proven weight loss ingredients
* Neopil Caps does not offer a full ingredients list
*Site reviews seem biased or made up

Neopil Caps Conclusion

I like cutting edge diet pills that use new combinations and new approaches that are backed by science. Neopil Caps are new. But Neopil Caps use ingredients that will remain uncommon and obscure, because these ingredients do not help you to lose weight!

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Neopil Caps User Reviews

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  1. Mrs.

    Ive been taking Neopilcaps for a few months now and ive seen amazing results. Some of my friends have been taking neopilcaps also and i can see how much weight they´ve loss. Neopilcaps is an amazing diet pill! Not everyone loses the same amount of weight. It varies from person to person. All the ingredients are 100% Natural.

    March 6, 2012 at 12:36 pm

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