Neopil Plus Review

NeopilNeopil Plus is a new diet pill that promises “healthful weight loss” and targets the Latin American community, because as far as I can figure, Latin Americans are the only ones to which Mexican herbs might appeal.

Considering things I have seen in the past, I believe Neopil Plus could be “healthful.” But I don’t believe that it promotes weight loss. So the question is, why would anybody buy Neopil Plus?

“Stronger and more powerful” (than NeopilCaps)

I know, the claims seem pretty modest, and it’s true, the claims are pretty modest. If you’ve ever tried NeopilCaps, you know firsthand just how modest! But keep reading, you can evaluate the ingredients for yourself:

*Lima root – A lot of Spanish words sound a lot like English words. In other words lima=lime. Pretty standard, pretty boring, lime is a fruit, not a fat burner.

*Root Tejocote – This one’s pretty simple. It’s the Mexican version of the common crabapple. If you’ve read up on it, you may say, “but what about the African Mango, it’s far more amazing than the common mango!” Keep dreaming.

*Malabar road pinguica – I have never understood products that use ingredients like this. Malabar is an uncommon, but potentially effective acne treatment. It’s not a weight loss ingredient.

*Lemon grass – Again, lemon grass could be better described as an acne treatment.

*Tlaichamin – I don’t even know what to say about this ingredient! As far as I can tell, it doesn’t exist!

I’m pretty sure the list goes on. But Neopil Plus does not disclose a full ingredients list. So your guess as to what the other ingredients may be is as good as mine. But one thing I’m sure we can agree on: those ingredients do not help you to lose weight.

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