The No Excuse Approach to Exercise

no excuse approach to exercise

There are a hundred reasons to exercise: better circulation, more energy, reduced risk of heart-disease, a sexier body, higher self-esteem, good moods, etc.

But for every reason to exercise, there are a billion more excuses to avoid it, and after years of practice, you’ve probably gotten very good at not going to the gym.

In fact, you’re not the only one who isn’t getting the required amount of exercise. Statistics have shown that 60% of American Adults don’t get the recommended amount of physical activity, and another 25% of adults are not active at all.

Why not take the road less traveled and bury your excuses with these easy approaches to exercise?

Exercise Excuse: You Have to Check Email

Sure you’re on the go and need to stay in the loop in order to stay on top of your game at work, but once you sit down to open that inbox, you’ll be tempted to check Facebook and Twitter statuses too. Before you know it, you’re watching youtube videos and thinking that it’s too late to head to the gym anyway.

“Sitting down for ‘just a minute’ often becomes 30. At this point, people might tell themselves they’ll work out later, or tomorrow – and the vicious cycle of procrastination wins,” explains personal trainer Hannah Williams. “Treat your home workout like any other appointment you can’t miss, like a meeting.”

Rather than getting caught in the technological trap, turn your phone off and leave the laptop at home. Then give yourself plenty of time and space to focus on what your body needs so you have no excuse to interrupt your workout.

Exercise Excuse: You Have a Long To-Do List

Between sorting the mail, doing the dishes, feeding the dog, and making a last-minute dinner before your neighbors come over for scrabble night, it can seem like your never-ending to-do list deserves to take top priority over making a quick trip to the gym – or if you work out at home, it can be tempting to quit doing those crunches for a few minutes to go fold laundry or balance the checkbook.

However, Jari Love, star of Get Extremely Ripped: 1,000 Hardcore DVD, says “These little breaks take away from the effectiveness of the workout. Put aside the time you need for your workout and make it a priority, just as if you were at the gym.”

Even though it can feel as though everyone needs you to do something different, aren’t you important too? Give your body a little attention before time-zappers take it away from you.

Exercise Excuse: You’re “Too Tired”

After working for 8 or more hours each day, coming home and getting your gym clothes on is probably the last thing on your mind, especially when you feel like you have barely enough energy find the TV remote.

no excuse to exerciseHowever, it may surprise you, but you probably have a little extra fuel in the tank than you realize. Working out can actually give you more energy rather than draining it, says Marisa Brunett, certified athletic trainer and spokeswoman for the National Athletic Trainers Association – so you have no excuse to take a snooze.

“You’re getting the endorphins to release, and you’re getting the circulation going – as opposed to coming home and crashing on the couch.”

Can’t muster the strength to exercise after work? Get up a few extra minutes in the morning and exercise before you do anything else. Or, try an energy boosting supplement to give you that extra push to throughout the day.

Additional Suggestions

The more you learn to love exercise, the fewer excuses you’ll need to head to the gym and burn those extra calories. Although it may take some time and a little extra discipline on your part, taking the few minutes to exercise will do you good in the long run.

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