Nordrenalean HSL Review

nordrenalean hsl Nordrenalean HSL is a weight loss supplement that has been designed by ProCard Nutrition to help you lose weight by impacting your thyroid and hormone levels.

Although we are impressed by any product that knows enough about losing weight to create a product that sounds as advanced as Nordrenalean HSL, we wanted to research this product a little more before we made any judgments about Nordrenalean HSL.

What Does Nordrenalean HSL Do?

According to ProCard Nutrition, Nordrenalean HSL is able to stimulate your thyroid to produce more of the hormone that tells your body to use fat for energy.

The “HSL” in Nordrenalean HSL’s name actually stands for “hormone sensitive lipase” and this product is supposed to help balance out your hormones to contribute to weight loss.

Even though this sounds like a sophisticated product, we decided to take a look at Nordrenalean HSL’s ingredients in order to determine what this product was really capable of.

What Does Nordrenalean HSL Have Going For It?

Other than a lot of hot air? Not much. After looking at Nordrenalean HSL’s ingredients, we were disappointed to find nothing more than a bunch of stimulants.

Stimulants have been found to be an extremely inefficient way to lose weight as your body quickly builds immunity to them and stops reacting to the supplements that rely on them.

In addition, stimulants have even been seen to be dangerous. Although most of the stimulants on Nordrenalean HSL label are mostly derived from caffeine, which is fine in moderate amounts, we did find one stimulant that worried us.

Synephrine, an ingredient developed to replace the banned ephedra, is one of the main ingredients in Nordrenalean HSL. Although it is meant to be a safer alternative to the dangerous ephedra, most alternatives have been found to have the same negative side effects as ephedra.

Should I Try Nordrenalean HSL?

Because Nordrenalean HSL’s formula is far from advanced, and it has ingredients that could be potentially harmful to you, we don’t recommend this weight loss supplement.

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