NOW CLA Extreme Review

Created for active individuals, NOW CLA Extreme is a CLA based fat burner that promises energy boosting and health promoting benefits. According to NOW, CLA Extreme’s benefits will not diminish over time, and this diet supplement can easily be combined with a healthy diet and exercise program. NOW CLA Extreme can be used over long period of time, because this particular diet supplement does not use any chemicals known to be particularly harmful or dangerous, and based on the description, “there is no need to cycle off the product.”

What’s So Great About CLA?

CLA is the key ingredient found in NOW CLA Extreme, and this particular good fatty acid has received quite a bit of media attention. People want to believe that CLA can be a powerful and completely stimulant-free fat burner. However, the studies on CLA are not quite as sure as the advertisers.

Studies can be interpreted differently, but based on a more objective view, studies have never shown that CLA acts as a fat burner. In fact, some critics would even call into question the potential for CLA to lower cholesterol or promote better heart health. Most dieters believe that good fatty acids in general can lower cholesterol, but the numbers on the CLA studies are not quite as obvious.

What About the Other Ingredients in NOW CLA Extreme?

NOW CLA Extreme also uses other natural ingredients, some of which have been proven to promote weight loss. Clinical studies show that green tea for example can promote strong fat burning benefits, and of course, green tea is also known for healthy antioxidant benefits. The problem is that green tea seems to be not only the strongest weight loss ingredient in NOW CLA Extreme, but the only weight loss ingredient in NOW CLA Extreme.

The other ingredients, including chromium, l-carnitine, and guarana, have never been scientifically proven to promote weight loss. These natural ingredients may have health benefits, even if it’s just as an energy supplement like guarana. However, green tea is the only fat burner of weight loss ingredient of any kind found in NOW CLA Extreme.

Is NOW CLA Extreme Powerful Enough to Promote Weight Loss?

NOW CLA Extreme uses ingredients that have been through clinical studies that show that green tea can promote weight loss. However, green tea burning fat and NOW CLA Extreme burning fat are not necessarily the same thing. In clinical studies, scientists typically use around 400mg of green tea, NOW CLA Extreme on the other hand uses only 50mg, a fraction of what any good fat burner would actually need.

Currently, NOW CLA Extreme is the only weight loss ingredient listed in NOW CLA Extreme, which means that we currently have no reason to believe that NOW CLA Extreme will burn fat. This NOW product may increase energy, because even small amounts of caffeine and guarana can give you a small boost in energy. We just don’t see NOW CLA Extreme promoting the powerful fat burning that NOW Foods describes.

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