NOW Diet Support Review

NOW Diet Support is a popular and affordable product from the NOW Foods line. It promises powerful thermogenic fat burning and improved body composition with clinically proven ingredients such as the patented forslean. According to NOW Diet Support, it is made to improve health and weight loss with an all-natural formula and a healthier, vegetarian capsule.

Does NOW Diet Support Help You to Lose Weight?

NOW Diet Support uses ingredients that have been clinically proven to support healthy weight loss. It uses ingredients that have been through extensive clinical studies, showing that they can help you to lose more weight with diet and exercise.

NOW Diet Support uses ingredients such as the patented super citrimax, which has been clinically proven and patented as a stimulant free fat burner. In addition, NOW Diet Support contains the popular green tea, healthy chromium for craving control, and the popular and natural diuretic uva ursi.

However, NOW Diet Support does not necessarily match the clinical studies. Yes, NOW Diet Support has clinically proven ingredients, but every clinical study so far has used significantly higher amounts of those ingredients than NOW Diet Support does. In other words, based on the scientific evidence we’ve seen so far, this formula is not up to par.

Is There Any Way That NOW Diet Support Can Promote Weight Loss?

NOW Diet Support uses ingredients that have been through clinical studies, and it’s possible that researchers simply haven’t properly tested smaller doses of these ingredients. It is possible that NOW Diet Support might be an effective way to lose weight. We just can’t say that for sure right now.

Is NOW Diet Support Worth Taking a Chance On?

As a company, NOW Foods has produced quite a few popular and effective supplements for weight loss and health in general. In addition, NOW Foods products like NOW Diet Support are known for being economical and affordable. Just take NOW Diet Support, which typically sells for about $13 a bottle.

NOW Diet Support uses high quality ingredients, and it is one of the few products that does not hide behind proprietary blends, instead listing the individual amounts of every ingredient in NOW Diet Support. NOW Diet Support may not have enough green tea or super citrimax to match the current clinical studies.

However, based on some other powerful products that NOW foods has produced in the past as well as the affordable price, NOW Diet Support seems to be a product that remains a popular product to try.

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