NOW Foods GlucoFit Review

NOW Foods GlucoFit is a dietary supplement comprised of 18% corsolic acid based in an ingredient called lagerstroemia speciosa. Providing a natural approach, NOW Foods GlucoFit promises to control blood sugar, providing scientifically proven support for glucose metabolism and enhancing the effects of a healthy lifestyle over time. NOW Foods GlucoFit is not based on chemicals or caffeine, and makers describe a formula supported by extensive clinical studies.

Where Are the Clinical Studies?

Clinical studies have shown that lagerstroemia speciosa can be used to regulate glucose metabolism and blood sugar. Because of this, the key ingredient in NOW Foods GlucoFit can regulate sudden increases and drops in blood sugar, preventing the symptoms of low blood sugar or the other extreme.

For those who suffer from pre-diabetes, the key ingredient in NOW Foods GlucoFit has been clinically proven to make dieting easier, preventing sudden spikes in blood sugar that can make diabetes harder to control after eating even good carbs. For those who experience chronic problems with low blood sugar on the other hand, lagerstroemia speciosa can prevent lightheadedness and other symptoms of low blood sugar with a regulated diet and exercise plan of course.

Does NOW Foods GlucoFit Promote Clinically Proven Weight Loss?

NOW Foods GlucoFit uses one ingredient that has been used by diabetes, pre-diabetics, and the health conscious for years, and lagerstroemia speciosa can prevent the sudden cravings for sugar that can come with sudden drops in blood sugar. However, the weight loss potential of this particular approach is limited.

Controlling cravings for blood sugar does not stop dieters from making bad dieting choices. Many dieters just have an easier time avoiding certain types of foods when not constantly craving those foods. In addition, the lagerstroemia speciosa in NOW Foods GlucoFit does not increase metabolism or even suppress appetite.

Many dieters simply find it easier to avoid unnecessary and sometimes unhealthy food choices. It is only when dieters choose to consciously make these dietary changes that NOW Foods GlucoFit enhances weight loss.

Is NOW Foods GlucoFit a Good Value?

NOW Foods GlucoFit generally sells for less than $10 a bottle. NOW Foods GlucoFit can be used for health and limited weight loss purposes, and even with just this one ingreidnet, many find NOW Foods GlucoFit to be a fair value among dietary supplements in general.

NOW Foods GlucoFit may not be the strongest weight loss formula, but dieters would be hard pressed to find anything cheaper, even for the limited benefits that NOW Foods GlucoFit provides.

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