NOW Foods Mega Hoodia Review

NOW Foods Mega Hoodia is a hoodia based appetite suppressant sold by one of the most popular companies in the weight loss industry. NOW Foods is known for its products based on just about every popular ingredient and every popular concept. This particular product promises the best appetite suppressing benefits possible with one clinically proven ingredient exclusively found in the deserts of South Africa.

Why Isn’t NOW Foods Mega Hoodia More Diverse?

While many have created multifunctional diet pills, part of NOW Foods Mega Hoodia’s main aim is to keep products cheap and affordable. One ingredient helps NOW Foods to accomplish that goal, and appetite suppression is one of the simplest ways to promote healthy weight loss.

If you eat less, you cut calories and you are more likely to lose more weight. When combined with healthy foods, you cut calories even further and get more nutrients for what could be an effective and healthy diet plan. Of course, a big part of the responsibility lies with you, but NOW Foods Mega Hoodia couldn’t pick a better approach for a diet pill with only one approach.

Does NOW Foods Mega Hoodia Have Clinically Proven Ingredients?

NOW Foods Mega Hoodia uses one ingredient: hoodia gordonii, which is only found it the deserts of South Africa. This ingredient has been used in the past to suppress appetite, at least in popular diet pills, and most dieters assume that hoodia must be effective.

Science on hoodia unfortunately does not match our expectations. All of the scientific studies we have seen so far show that hoodia is not an appetite suppressant. There are plenty of ingredients that simply cannot be proven for lack of evidence, but hoodia is not one of those ingredients. Hoodia has been through hundreds of studies that show that this appetite suppresant does not have this particular effect.

Can You Trust NOW Foods Mega Hoodia as a Weight Loss Supplement?

If NOW Foods Mega Hoodia’s formula were more diverse, we might think that NOW Foods Mega Hoodia could promote weight loss. If NOW Foods Mega Hoodia had other ingredients, we might be able to find clinical studies to back NOW Foods’ claims up. With this one ingredient unfortunately, we cannot say as much.

So far, there are no clinical studies that actually show that NOW Foods Mega Hoodia is capable of suppressing appetite, because there are no clinical studies that suggest that NOW Foods Mega Hoodia has any potential at all. Unfortunately, that’s what happens sometimes when any product only has one leg to stand on, in this case a leg that is extremely shaky at best.

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