NOW Slimaluma Plus Review

NOW Slimaluma Plus comes from NOW foods, one of the biggest companies in the health and natural foods industry. Based primarily on the patented slimaluma, NOW Slimaluma Plus promises the best appetite suppressing benefits combined with fat burners and other healthy ingredients that can potentially burn more fat and add to the possible benefits of NOW Slimaluma Plus.

Is NOW Slimaluma Plus a Powerful Appetite Suppressant?

NOW Slimaluma Plus uses ingredients that have been proven in the past to promote appetite suppression. More specifically, slimaluma has been used in the past as a powerful and patented appetite suppressant because of its origins as a form of a cactus called caralluma fimbriata. This cactus has been used to promote healthy weight loss, and caralluma fimbriata/slimaluma does not have any stimulants, typically providing a relatively safe alternative.

What About Other Weight Loss Benefits

NOW Slimaluma Plus also has the ingredient green tea, which has been used as a fat burner and a healthy antioxidant. This ingredient has been used as the key ingredient in hundreds of different diet pills, and some have been known to burn more fat.

The third ingredient, yerba mate, has never actually been connected to fat burning. However, a combination, even of just the 2 other ingredients, can still provide a diverse weight loss approach if used correctly.

Will NOW Slimaluma Plus Promote Weight Loss?

NOW Slimaluma Plus uses clinically proven weight loss ingredients, and some might assume that is enough. Based on what we have seen in other diet pills though, the process of creating a great diet pill is a little more complicated than that. A diet pill needs not only clinically proven weight loss ingredients, but also the clinically proven amounts.

NOW Slimaluma Plus does not hide behind proprietary blends, but this diet pill also avoids the clinically proven amounts of the weight loss ingredients used. While the ingredients in NOW Slimaluma Plus require specific amounts, you will only find half the doses tested in NOW Slimaluma Plus. NOW Slimaluma Plus for example only uses 200mg of green tea, when scientists have officially tested and more importantly, proven 400mg to be the effective dose.

The amounts used in clinical studies on ingredients like green tea might be a fluke, and these smaller amounts of each ingredient in NOW Slimaluma Plus may be at least half as effective. However, we have not seen any evidence to prove that smaller amounts can promote weight loss benefits with the weight loss ingredients in NOW Slimaluma Plus. So we are forced to conclude that NOW Slimaluma Plus probably won’t burn any fat and this particular diet pill may not be effective enough to suppress appetite.

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