NV Diet Review

Are you dying for a celebrity body? If you are, NV Diet, which is used by Holly Madison, might be a fantastic option for you. We are going to look into this diet pill to make sure that it is effective and safe.

When you look at the NV Diet website, you are struck by the glamour of Holly Madison, who claims that she lost 1 pants size in only two weeks.

NV Diet claims that it is the diet pill that is “secretly” used by celebrities when they need to lose weight fast.

What are the Benefits of NV Diet?

Like many other diet pills, NV Diet does not require any lifestyle changes when you use it. You can eat what you usually eat and exercise (only if you want to) and still see results.

We are impressed that this product is endorsed by a celebrity, but we wonder if it really can produce the weight loss results that it claims.

Another benefit to NV Diet that we see is that two main ingredients have been student in two different clinical trials. Those who used these ingredients lost about 3lbs more than those who took a placebo in only two weeks.

What’s in NV Diet?

There are two different proprietary blends in NV Diet. The first is made of Indian Sphaeranthus, a plant used for medicinal reasons in India, and Mangosteen, a tasty tropical fruit that treats loose bowels. Interestingly, neither of these ingredients have any clinical or rumored relationship with weight loss.

The second proprietary blend is made of Caffeine, Cranberry Extract, Bilberry, Litchi, Turmeric, Grape Extract, Pomegranate, and Goji. Though all of these ingredients have fantastic health benefits, none of them except Caffeine have any relationship whatsoever with weight loss.

Caffeine has been shown to help users lose weight because it stimulates the central nervous system to speed up. Because of this, it raises the body’s metabolism. Though Caffeine is a fat burner, it is part of a proprietary blend, which means that there is no way to know exactly how much of it is in each capsule.

It most likely does not have enough to affect weight loss.

Side Effects

Because NV Diet has caffeine, it could possibly cause caffeine-induced side effects such as jitteriness, headache, insomnia, anxiety, and dehydration.


The price of NV Diet is very reasonable. For one bottle of 120 pills, you will pay $39.95 along with $9.95 in shipping and handling. This means that each pill you take only costs $0.41.

If you try NV Diet and find that it isn’t quite what you expected in the first 30 days, you can return it and get your money back.

On the other hand, if you take it and like your results, the NV Diet website advertises that you can buy two bottles and get the third free. You also will not pay shipping and handling. At $0=99.99, you will be paying $.027 per pill.

Is it Worth it?

Even though NV Diet is affordable and backed by celebrities, we don’t see anything in the product that makes us believe that it will help anyone lose weight. We can’t recommend it above other products.

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