OptiSlim Fat Terminator Review

OptiSlim Fat Terminator is a diet pill and ultimately a diet program based on VLCD. According to OptiSlim Fat Terminator, it will rebalance your body, eliminating toxins that build up in the body to improve health and weight loss at the same time. OptiSlim Fat Terminator supposedly makes weight loss easier. Based mostly in Australia, OptiSlim Fat Terminator targets most of the recognized reasons why you may have trouble losing weight with this VLCD.

What is VLCD?

VLCD stands for a “very low calorie diet”, which is starting to make OptiSlim Fat Terminator sound a lot like the hCG Diet. A low calorie diet is considered by most experts to be between 1000 and 1800 calories a day. 1000 is the very lowest amount that can still meet your body’s basic nutritional needs and help you to lose weight. However, most experts recommend higher calorie diets with exercise.

OptiSlim Fat Terminator cuts users down to about 800 calories a day, which can potentially be dangerous, and it is definitely unsustainable. The idea is that the body will start burning stored fat for energy. The problem is that studies have found that the weight loss generally doesn’t last. Over time, your body slows its metabolism in an effort to protect itself, and weight loss will slow or completely stop.

Can OptiSlim Fat Terminator “Rebalance the Body?”

The VLCD serious concerns us, but the formula is a little different. OptiSlim Fat Terminator does have some clinically proven weight loss ingredients such as bitter orange, which has been used to burn fat, suppress appetite, and increase energy much like ephedrine. OptiSlim Fat Terminator uses green tea and kelp, both of which could potentially promote thermogenic fat burning effects as well as a B vitamin complex for better health.

However, OptiSlim Fat Terminator does not list all of its ingredients, and it does not even specify a specific proprietary blend. We have no way at all of telling how much green tea OptiSlim Fat Terminator uses, and because of that, we cannot say that OptiSlim Fat Terminator has the clinically proven amounts for example of green tea.

Will OptiSlim Fat Terminator Promote Weight Loss?

If you follow OptiSlim Fat Terminator’s recommendations on the very low calorie diet, we’re sure that you may actually lose weight. Any time you cut your calories that severely, it’s hard not to lose weight, at least at first, before your metabolism starts to drag.

However, the weight loss doesn’t last, and it’s one of those fad diets that is unsustainable. The OptiSlim Fat Terminator formula itself does not seem to have what it takes to promote clinically proven weight loss. It has some of the right ingredients, but makers have forgotten about the fine details.

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