OxyLean Review


OxyLean is supposedly an “advanced” weight loss formula which claims to help users lose weight by helping them absorb more micro nutrients from their food, increase their metabolism rates, and cut back on food cravings.

The makers of OxyLean claim that by using ingredients at their full potency level, users are better able to get the many benefits of each of its ingredients.

We’ll look into OxyLean and see what these ingredients are really doing, and decide whether or not OxyLean is worth the money.

Inside OxyLean

OxyLean contains South African Hoodia Gordoni, Green Tea Extract, Vanadium, Colostrum, Dandelion Leaf, L-Glutamine, Gugul Extract, Bitter Melon, Gymnema Slyvestre, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Banaba, Theobromine, Pantothenic Acid, Bioperine, and Ginger Root.

oxylean supplement factsThe Hoodia Gordoni, Green Tea, Gugul Extract, and Theobromine are all ingredients which help speed up metabolism rates. These ingredients contain several different antioxidants which work to help suppress your appetite and help you burn off more calories.

The Dandelion Leaf and Ginger Root are diuretics to help your body flush out toxins and excess water out of your body. These ingredients aren’t known for their weight loss benefits.

Although these ingredients will help you drop a few pounds initially, you’ll most likely gain the weight back as soon as you stop taking OxyLean.

With the Vanadium, Bitter Melon, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Banaba are all insulin-regulating ingredients meant to help you keep a solid glucose level. These ingredients help prevent you from having massive cravings based on low blood sugar.

Also Bioperine is extracted from black pepper and helps you absorb more nutrients out of your food. However, this ingredient isn’t known for inducing weight loss.

The L-Glutamine helps build lean muscle by placing carbohydrates near your muscles so they can be burned for muscle energy.

The Catch?

There aren’t many weight loss aids. The Green Tea is probably the most significant weight loss aid in the group of ingredients.

While many of these ingredients have a positive effect on your blood sugar, they can negatively mesh with medications and aren’t recommended for people with diabetes.

Also, while the Bioperine may help you absorb more nutrients out of your food, it also can cause distress to your gastrointestinal system by making you nauseous, vomit, and have diarrhea.

Buying OxyLean

Although there are a lot of OxyLean products on the market (such as Oxylean pro created by Havoc Nutrition), this particular OxyLean formula is sold at Naturalbiology.com for about $30 a bottle. If you buy in bulk, you can save up to 15%-25% on the product.

US shipping is a flat rate of $4.95 per order, no matter how much you order, and it takes at least 2-5 days to ship. For international orders, costs will vary, and you will be responsible for any custom duties, taxes, etc.

Return Policy

Natural Biology backs their formula with a 60 day guarantee, which will give you store credit rather than simply a crediting your card the purchase price. You’ll need to include a copy of your invoice in order to receive your refund.

If you wish to contact customer service, you’ll have to fill out an email form on the official website, since there is no other contact information available.


OxyLean may help you absorb nutrients from your food and keep regular insulin levels, but other than the Green Tea, these ingredients aren’t known for their weight loss benefits. We’d suggest looking for something with more weight loss power to help you get those pounds off.

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