OxyPhedra Review


OxyPhedra is one of the newest weight loss supplements–designed for men— available to supposedly help users lose weight.

Even though OxyPhedra is relatively new to the weight loss world, it’s an effective way to aid a weight loss program, at least according to the makers of OxyPhedra.

OxyPhedra claims to help users lose weight by acting as a fat burner to create a faster metabolism, suppress appetites so users are able to consume fewer calories, and increase testosterone levels to build more muscles.

Well, we certainly aren’t convinced just by reading this product’s claims. We’ll check into OxyPhedra and see if it works or not.

Benefits of OxyPhedra

OxyPhedra actually does contain several ingredients which are supposed to be a real benefit to weight loss.

With Advantra-Z, an alternative to ephedra, users are supposed to gain higher amounts of energy and increase their fat burning potential. Although ephedra was banned, this ingredient has been considered a safe alternative for an aid to weight loss.

With other ingredients like Tribulus Terrestris, White Willow Bark, and Eurycoma Longifolla, users are supposed to gain testosterone boosting power. The Tribulus Terrestris is a known testosterone booster and supposedly helps lower cholesterol rates and help regulate and control blood sugar levels.

Other energy boosters like Infinergy Dicaffeine Malate and 1, 3 Dimethylamine are supposed to increase thermogenesis within the body.

OxyPhedra also contains other ingredients which give users antioxidants to help them improve their immune systems for better health and more weight loss potential.

Possible Side Effects for OxyPhedra

OxyPhedra does have weight loss power. However, it has strong amounts of caffeine. Some users may experience strong jitters and an inability to sleep.


OxyPhedra does seem to actually do what it claims. It helps users lose weight and with its testosterone boosting effects it’s easy to build stronger and more powerful muscles. As long as you’re not sensitive to caffeine, we’d recommend this product as a great way to lose weight. If you are sensitive to caffeine, we’d suggest looking for other options.

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