PAGG Stack Review

So you’ve tried diet pills before without losing any weight, which is why you’re still looking for the perfect diet pill to transform your body. What if the answer were just that simple? You have tried every diet pill on the market when you actually need 2.

Most dieters don’t even consider the option of buying multiple diet pills, because the cost can be prohibitive, and you would think that one diet pill would be enough. PAGG Stack hopes to change that idea, introducing a formula made up of 2 diet pills selling for $92 for a month’s supply. According to Pareto Nutrition, this combination will give your body exactly what it needs for a complete weight loss approach and the ultimate shortcut to a sexy figure.

Does the PAGG Stack Combination Actually Promote Weight Loss?

PAGG Stack uses 2 formulas: a red bottle and a blue bottle, which you would think would be completely different. After all, what’s the point of buying 2 separate PAGG Stack formulas if the two formulas are not unique. However, if this is what you are expecting, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

Both of the PAGG Stack formulas are almost exactly the same. Technically, one of the PAGG Stack formulas has decaffeinated green tea while the other bottle uses an ingredient called policosanol. However, all of the other ingredients are exactly the same right down to identical doses!

Does 1 Ingredient Make a Big enough Difference?

If one formula had Synephrine and the other formula used creatine, those formulas might be different enough to satisfy some dieters. However, PAGG Stack is a poor imitation of a weight loss brand. Policosanol, the one unique ingredient in the blue PAGG Stack blend, is a natural supplement used to lower cholesterol. In fact, aged garlic and alpha lipoic acid, other ingredients in both PAGG Stack blends, do the exact same thing! None of these ingredients actually promote weight loss.

This is not to say that all is lost. Some dieters see a beacon of hope in the red blend. After all, PAGG Stack red has green tea, and we have all heard about the hundreds of studies that prove that green tea can burn fat, right? WRONG! Green tea burns fat. PAGG Stack uses decaffeinated green tea.

The decaffeinated green tea in PAGG Stack may still promote antioxidant benefits, because we have no doubt that this ancient Asian tea extract still has plenty of EGCG. The problem is that caffeine is the puzzle piece that makes green tea an effective fat burner. Without caffeine, there is no green tea as an “ancient fat burning miracle.”

Should Dieters Buy PAGG Stack?

Based on the ingredients, PAGG Stack might be a heart healthy supplement for the masses. After all, both PAGG Stack formulas have garlic, alpha lipoic acid, and one of the PAGG Stack blends has policosanol, all of which have been clinically proven to lower cholesterol and improve heart health.

However, at $92 for 2 bottles that only last a month, we have a hard time justifying the cost of PAGG Stack. We have found plenty of other similar products that literally cost half as much.

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