pAGG Supplement System Review

If you’ve tried every form of dieting known to man but still can’t seem to shed the weight, New Health Solutions pAGG Supplement Solutions might assist you to tip the scales – literally.

If you’re nervous to try a diet pill because you’ve heard horror stories of nasty side effects that’s okay. pAGG Supplement Solutions is a natural product that doesn’t contain harmful stimulants or synthetic chemicals.

Then how does a natural product really start to evaporate those pounds? Let’s take a closer look.

pAGG Supplement System Story

pAGG is both the name and the key ingredients of this weight-loss supplement. The team at New Health Solutions has combined five powerful ingredients which work together to up your metabolism and increase your energy.

Researchers have developed a two-system approach here, providing you with an All Day Supplement and a Night Time Supplement.

Each of these supplements contains the following ingredients:

* Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA)
* Aged Garlic Extract
* Biotin

ALA is a fatty acid that transitions blood sugar into muscle glycogen rather than fat, which allows calories to be stored in the muscle and regulates metabolism. There are different forms of pAGG on the market and not all are created equal. Some include the synthetic version of ALA (S-ALA) rather that the R form which is produced naturally in the body.

Garlic Extract is a strong antioxidant and anti-microbial substance shown to maintain healthy blood pressure levels and shock the nervous system into producing adrenaline and thereby increasing metabolism.

Biotin or B7 is also key to the body’s metabolic function and processes all of the foods you eat. In pAGG, Biotin metabolizes protein, carbohydrates and fat to up energy output.

Then, the daytime blend provides you with Decaffeinated Green Tea Flavanols while the night time blend uses Policosanol.

Decaffeinated Green Tea Flavanols have been around for centuries and are critical in ridding the body of old fat cells while preventing the development of newer fat deposits.

Policosanol is taken at night to reduce your body fat literally while you sleep. The science behind it is an increase in good cholesterol (HDL) and lowering of bad cholesterol (LDL)

Will pAGG Work For You

This product is safe across the board. If you’re a vegetarian or are allergic to gluten – this weight loss supplement is still safe as it doesn’t use any gluten byproducts or animal based substances.

pAGG Supplement System has been recommended by NBC, GNC and Woman’s World and is extremely popular with the general public.

While reviewers suggested that it works whether or not you eat right or exercise, New Health Solutions specifically recommends taking this supplement with a balanced diet of natural foods free of processed carbs, excessive sugar and artificial fruit juices.

Is It Safe

We feel confident recommending a product from a company such as Natural Health Solutions, which utilizes private, FDA-certified manufacturing sites for its products and is upfront regarding any included ingredients.

The company does caution those with medical conditions to consult a physician before utilizing this product.

Our Recommendation

We can’t help but recommend a product with this great of a track record. You can purchase pAGG Supplement System either in stores such as GNC or online for $60.00 per 1-month supply. If you like this supplement, it’s also available in a 2-month supply for $110.00 or a 4-month supply for $205.00.

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