PES Alpha-T2 Review

As a targeted fat destroyer, PES Alpha-T2 promises both an increased metabolism and improved thyroid function. PES Alpha-T2 describes itself as a super thermogenic formula with “extremely versatile and stackable” benefits. What’s greater is the fact that PES Alpha-T2 also promises these same benefits without jitters and without the crash commonly associated with caffeine.

Is PES Alpha-T2 a Powerful Thermogenic Formula?

PES Alpha-T2 uses just a few basic ingredients that can be healthy. Higenamine has been used in the past as a powerful antioxidant, which eliminates free radicals and therefore can potentially improve health. This ingredient doesn’t promote weight loss, but antioxidants are still commonly used in reputable diet pills because of all of the health benefits.

However, the other ingredients don’t necessarily help. Using a hormone specifically made for better thyroid health and an ingredient called yohimbine, which is actually a sexual stimulant, is not exactly the makings of a strong fat burner.

Is PES Alpha-T2 Hiding a Secret Weapon?

PES Alpha-T2 claims to list all of its ingredients, and even those that only list key ingredients typically put their best face forward. We assume this is the best possible portrayal of PES Alpha-T2, and if this is so, there is no way to depict PES Alpha-T2 as any kind of weight loss supplement.

Is PES Alpha-T2 Safe?

PES Alpha-T2 uses natural ingredients, but it is not automatically considered to be safe. Our biggest concern is the fact that PES Alpha-T2 uses an ingredient called yohimbine. This ingredient has been commonly used as a natural aphrodisiac, but it has also been associated with potential heart problems, strokes, liver problems, and kidney damage in some users.

Conclusion on PES Alpha-T2

PES Alpha-T2 uses just 3 ingredients, none of which are actually clinically proven to promote weight loss. These ingredients have never been used to burn fat, and we don’t think that PES Alpha-T2 is hiding anything so far.

You can try PES Alpha-T2, but we don’t think that you will lose weight, unless you count the possibility of a temporary placebo effect or of course the effects of a healthy diet and exercise plan.

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