Phenom V1 Review

Have you ever seen such an ordinary diet pill in your life? We don’t mean to be harsh, but everything we see in Phenom V1, we’ve seen somewhere else, just about everywhere else in fact! Phenom V1 seems to be almost exclusively based on the most popular ingredients, and it’s proud of it! After all, the way that most of us think about it if we’ve seen it on TV or heard about in on the radio, it must be effective! We trust ABC, NBC, CBS, Oprah, Dr. Perricone, and others who have talked about a lot of the ingredients in Phenom V1. Just see for yourself what we mean.

The idea behind any diet pill is to get your attention, to give you a reason to buy their product. One of the easiest ways is to use ingredients that you’ve seen before, that you know, that you think are clinically proven, and then hype them up with even more advertising about just how effective they are. Phenom V1 uses some of the biggest, taking a few different approaches.

Does Phenom V1 Suppress Appetite?

First, Phenom V1 uses hoodia, a popular South African appetite suppressant. Traditionally used by the appetite suppressants, we seem to function under the illusion that these skinny little bushmen have been hiding something from us. They don’t hunt for their food, which is relatively scarce, and even though it’s been clinically proven that the stomach actually shrinks when you eat smaller amounts for a long period of time (or don’t eat at all), that doesn’t apply to these bushmen. The only way they could possibly go so long without eating or feel full after eating significantly less.

Long story short, in human clinical trials, which we assume is what really matters, hoodia has never been proven to promote appetite suppression or any other known benefits. On the other hand, Phenom V1 uses glucomannan, an appetite suppressant that has been clinically proven to suppress appetite. It has been proven to promote natural benefits, and it’s fairly harmless, unlikely to cause side effects.

Does Phenom V1 Burn Fat?

Again, Phenom V1 uses ingredients like guarana and cha de bugre that have been hyped up, but never clinically proven to promote any weight loss benefits. For the most part, these ingredients have been hyped up, but the Brazilian ingredients introduced so far have again never actually been proven to burn fat or promote weight loss at all in studies ironically conducted by companies who are naturally biased as they are trying to sell these ingredients.

And again, Phenom V1 has other ingredients that are clinically proven to burn fat, increase metabolism, etc. Ingredients like guggulsterones take an indirect approach, building muscle, which increases natural metabolism. Green tea and theobromine on the other hand seem to burn fat, creating a thermogenic effect for a more direct approach.

Other Ingredients

Phenom V1 uses other ingredients that we consider to be relatively inconsequential. Yes, there are some studies that show that too little sleep can contribute to obesity, but there are no studies that show that sleep aids like maca or l-theanine actually promote weight loss, at all. However, these ingredients are nothing more than window dressing that makes Phenom V1 look nice if you present it in the right way.


Phenom V1 is mixed. We can see why you might think that the whole formula is that amazing, we can see why you might think that Phenom V1 might just be an amazing weight loss supplement. We can even see how you might think that the sleep aids in Phenom V1 might help you to lose weight, when this formula is presented in the right way. Based on the whole picture, we can actually see how Phenom V1 might help you to lose weight, but these are all mights. Either way, whatever you see in Phenom V1, you’ve seen in at least a hundred others.

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