Phenterex Review


Have you taken Phentermine? If you have, chances are you loved the results but hated the side effects, which is why companies have now introduced Phenterex, a supposedly prescription grade product that that works to promote powerful weight loss without causing the same nasty side effects.

Phenterex goes one step further than Phentermine, promising weight loss without dieting. If you visit a doctor, doctors who prescribe Phentermine can obviously only prescribe it to patients who do not have other health problems, specifically those commonly associated with obesity. But doctors always combine this with counseling to help you to know what to eat!

An appetite suppressant on its own is not enough. And there is no diet pill that helps you to lose weight without lifestyle changes on your part. But that doe s not automatically mean that Phenterex does not work.

What Phenterex Can Do

Phenterex does have clinically proven ingredients, and it is definitely safer than prescription Phentermine. It definitely uses natural ingredients instead of chemical ingredients, and without question, it has ingredients that can actually promote positive weight loss results. One of those ingredients is definitely a multipurpose approach, and it stands out. What is this ingredient?

The Benefits of Irvingia Gabonensis

Irvingia Gabonensis has also been called African Mango, and it has become well known for all of its weight loss benefits. When used properly, African Mango burns fat, suppresses appetite, and it even increases energy without stimulants. With just 150mg, African Mango is more effective than the high majority of other diet pills. But still, it should not be used on its own.

The Other Phenterex Ingredients

Phenterex also uses ingredients including Dicaffeine malate, Chocamine, Phenylethylamine, Synephrine, and Humulus lupus. Yes, Phenterex has some clinically proven ingredients that can be extremely effective.

Synephrine on its own could burn fat, suppress appetite, and increase energy, eve being compared to ephedrine. And phenylethylamine has been compared to prescription Phentermine. But this chocolate derivative is much safer.

The problem is that Phenterex lists amounts that are completely ineffective. 20mg of synephrine just isn’t going to cut it.

Our Final Word on Phenterex

Phenterex is not a horrible product. I’ve seen better, because I’ve seen products that have the clinically proven amounts of more than one ingredient. But even with just African Mango, Phenterex is better than some 93% of the competition that does not have even one clinically proven ingredient.

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