Power UP AM Thermogenic Action Review

Power UP AM Thermogenic Action is described as a powerful fat burner made with only the highest quality ingredients. According to sellers, it has a diverse blend that enables you to eliminate and melt away annoying fat stores with an enhanced proprietary blend. All you need to do is take capsules in the morning and afternoon with 8oz of water for a “safe and effective” option.

Does Power UP AM Thermogenic Action Have Clinically Proven Ingredients?

Power UP AM Thermogenic Action uses ingredients that have been through multiple clinical studies. These ingredients have been proven on multiple occasions to promote potentially strong fat burning and weight loss benefits. It uses popular ingredients such as green tea and ginseng that we can all recognize.

Power UP AM Thermogenic Action has ingredients such as bitter orange, which has been compared to the previously popular ephedrine, and it also has health promoting ingredients such as bamboo. These ingredients can easily complement ingredients such as green tea.

There’s a Problem

Based on this information alone, Power UP AM Thermogenic Action could potentially do everything that it has described so far. However, this is not the whole picture. Unfortunately, proprietary blends are a dead giveaway that there is a potential problem. Of course there are exceptions, but you should be cautious, especially when a product makes a proprietary blend sound somehow impressive.

A proprietary blend is truthfully a sometimes inviting way to hide important and vital details about the individual amounts in each blend. It makes it impossible to tell whether or not a product has the clinically proven amounts of its ingredients, unless of course the entire proprietary blend is too small to cover the clinically proven amounts of each ingredient. Then it is all too obvious. However, most products do a better job of concealing this, including Power UP AM Thermogenic Action.


Power UP AM Thermogenic Action uses ingredients that have been clinically proven to promote weight loss, but that does not necessarily mean that the product is meant to promote healthy weight loss. Power UP AM Thermogenic Action hides some of the most important things that we need to know.

We suspect that Power UP AM Thermogenic Action will definitely increase energy, because it does have plenty of caffeine. We just have our doubts about whether or not it actually has the power to promote weight loss, which is the problem. Despite that though, it is still something that some will look into.

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