Pyro-MX LeanBurn Review

Pyro-mx Leanburn

Pyro-MX LeanBurn is advertised as a fat burner that will raise your resting metabolic rate and help you to burn more fat during exercise, it’s nothing we haven’t heard before. In fact, it sounds largely identical to the most popular competitors. This is exactly what we expect to see.

Does Pyro-MX LeanBurn Have the Right Ingredients?

Pyro-MX LeanBurn uses ingredients that have been through multiple trials that prove that those ingredients could promote healthy weight loss. Pyro-MX LeanBurn uses ingredients such as the infamous green tea, which can thermogenically burn more fat with healthy antioxidant benefits.

In addition, Pyro-MX LeanBurn has ingredients such as citrus aurantium, which again is a powerful fat burner that also suppresses appetite and increase energy (like ephedrine, but safer). Combined with guarana, damiana, and yerba mate, a mix which keeps you full for longer, Pyro-MX LeanBurn has a pretty diverse approach. On the surface, there’s no reason to think that Pyro-MX LeanBurn wouldn’t be effective.

The Wrong Amounts?

Pyro-MX LeanBurn uses clinically proven ingredients, but it doesn’t necessarily use the clinically proven amounts. Pyro-MX LeanBurn is one of the few that lists the doses of every ingredient used, but that is not an automatic pass.

In this case, Pyro-MX LeanBurn lists amounts such as 134mg of green tea. Studies specifically use 400mg of green tea. What does this mean? It means that while 134mg may promote fat burning, but there are no studies proving that anything less than 400mg is effective.

In other words, we would wait on further studies before definitively saying anything about the benefits associated with this amount of green tea (and therefore this product). So far, we have found that other ingredients in Pyro-MX LeanBurn follow suit.

Is Pyro-MX LeanBurn Worth Buying?

It’s a bit of a hard sell for us. Pyro-MX LeanBurn uses clinically proven weight loss ingredients, but the amounts it happens to use have not necessarily been proven to promote any weight loss. So far, the studies do not definitively prove that

It is completely possible that studies may come out in the future that prove that 134mg of green tea might help you to burn fat. However, we cannot say for sure either way, because as far as we know, scientists have never effectively studied green tea as a fat burner with any less than 400mg.

If you have tried Pyro-MX LeanBurn, we would like to hear from you. More importantly, other consumers would like to hear from you. Please feel free to leave reviews on your experiences with Pyro-MX LeanBurn below, good or bad.

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