Qnexa Review


Qnexa has been introduced in some settings as a prescription weight loss product.

It has been created by Vivus Inc, and they say that Qnexa will help you to suppress appetite and increase satiety.

They say that Qnexa will finally help you to achieve far better results and benefits. They give you an oral formula which includes an ingredient used since 1959.

Likewise, they use another ingredient that while not traditional, has still been clinically proven to achieve better benefits. They talk about a 3 phase study, and they talk about using 4500 different patients and study subjects.

But the question is, does Qnexa actually have what it takes to show results? Does Qnexa actually have the ingredients, amounts, or anything else needed for better effects and results? After all, Qnexa was turned down for FDA approval as of July 15, 2010.

Qnexa Ingredients

Qnexa ingredients include Phentermine and Topiramate.

Qnexa has 2 major ingredients that have in some settings been proven to promote weight loss. Technically, they both have a side effect of anorexia in some cases. But outside of the side effects, Phentermine still has been known to promote appetite suppression and an increase in satiety.

Likewise, Topiramate, while traditionally used for seizures, has been known to promote some weight loss results. They can’t say if it burns fat, controls leptin, controls cravings, suppresses appetite, or promotes satiety. They can’t really say how Topiramate works, and in some cases, we would extend it to they don’t know if Topiramate promotes any weight loss at all.

When combining these two ingredients, one thing is sure. You get quite the myriad of side effects and problems. Many find that it is far more complicated than one might think.

They did not approve Qnexa because of all of the side effects. It was not that Qnexa doesn’t work. It definitely works. But all of the side effects make it more complicated than ever before, and ultimately, one will find that it can even be deadly if you follow their instructions and use it with certain specific medical conditions.

Qnexa – Our Recommendations

We would not recommend using Qnexa. It does not help you to achieve weight loss, and it does not help you to achieve any other results or benefits.

With Qnexa, you are not wasting your time for weight loss results. But considering all of the possible side effects, it is more daunting than ever before. And unfortunately, one will find that it is not available. But even if it is approved in the future, it is undesirable for the same reasons that phen fen and other similar ingredients are undesirable.

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