Quick Trim Sugar & Carb Cheater Review

Quick Trim Sugar & Carb CheaterTruth be told, I don’t see anything outrageous or ridiculous about Quick Trim Sugar & Carb Cheater’s advertising. In fact, it seems pretty normal. I don’t think that Quick Trim Sugar & Carb Cheater is quite specific enough about the fact that a carb blocker has to be used with a low carb diet. But then again, most products aren’t.

But there are a few basic rules to follow, and Quick Trim Sugar & Carb Cheater has pinpointed most of those rules.

The Rules of Carb Blockers

Rule #1: Use a carb blocker – It seems so obvious, right? Wouldn’t everybody just use a carb blocker? Technically, the one major carb blocker I always see, phaseolus vulgaris, has not been extensively studied, and it has not technically been clinically proven. But I’ve seen other things that seem to prove that phaseolus vulgaris works. And Quick Trim Sugar & Carb Cheater does have phaseolus vulgaris.

Rule #2: Use Blood Sugar Controllers – This one’s not so obvious, because it’s not in the name. But you do need these kinds of ingredients. And again, Quick Trim Sugar & Carb Cheater does use clinically proven blood sugar controllers including vanadyl sulfate, fenugreek, and banaba.

Rule #3: Use Clinically Proven Amounts – This applies to all diet pills, not just carb blockers, and you would think it would be obvious. But DO NOT use proprietary blends also plays into this. Quick Trim Sugar & Carb Cheater uses a proprietary blend, like every other Quick Trim product and many other popular products. This basically means that you’re wasting your time, because there is no way that you could get the clinically proven amounts. This kinda negates the other two. But there’s one more big issue with Quick Trim Sugar & Carb Cheater.

The Other Ingredients

There are three other major ingredients in Quick Trim Sugar & Carb Cheater. I can understand using bilberry, because with all of the vitamins and antioxidants, it can be pretty healthy. But the two other ingredients: Scutellaria baicalensis and Acacia catechu calm stomach upset, and with the fact that one is basically a homeopathic approach, it’s just water. It is JUST WATER!

Our Overall Opinion of Quick Trim Sugar & Carb Cheater

Quick Trim Sugar & Carb Cheater is a popular product that has been used to block carbs, and for people who know about carb blockers, it has been used as a low carb diet aid. But even if you are following a low carb diet, it will not actually help you to lose more weight. A low carb diet can help you to lose weight. But your results will be about the same with or without Quick Trim Sugar & Carb Cheater.

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