Re-Body Hunger Caps Review

rebody hunger capsRe-Body Hunger Caps is said to be a “clinically supported weight management control” supplement that will increase fullness and improve mood all at the same time.

Supposedly studies have shown that Satiereal Saffron (the main ingredient) creates a 100% reduction in the desire to snack, which sounds pretty good if you’re struggling to keep your calorie count down.

Yet can Re-Body Hunger Caps give you greater control over your weight loss, and is it enough to compete with leading diet pill Apidextra?

Saffron for Weight Loss?

Re-Body Hunger Caps’ formula is short, sweet, and to the point. It contains but one ingredient: saffron.

In a small study involving about 60 women, saffron did in fact help each participant lose about 2 pounds during an 8 week time period and had a small effect on reducing appetite (if any) – a far cry from a 100% reduction in appetite.

However, I eagerly await further studies to see if it justifies the title for “miracle” appetite suppressant that many diet pill manufacturers claim it to be.

How Long Until You See Results?

According to reviews on amazon, it takes a few days before you start to experience an increase in mood and a decrease in appetite (about 2-3 days), but many reported seeing no results at all.

How to Use Re-Body Hunger Caps

Manufacturers recommend that dieters take 1 capsule twice daily in the morning and evening before meals – or as directed by your doctor.

Consumers should keep in mind that Re-Body Hunger Caps are not a long-term weight loss solution. These pills should be taken for less than 8 weeks, as studies have not yet determined the long term safety of this ingredient for weight loss.

Do not overdose on this diet pill, as high concentrations can cause poisoning or even death.

Should You be Worried About Side Effects?

Just because Saffron is completely natural and commonly used to spice foods doesn’t necessarily mean it is safe to use in larger amounts.

Even taken in small doses, Saffron can cause negative side effects such as insomnia, dizziness, and nausea, and in larger amounts it acts as a poison. Many consumers complained that Re-Body Hunger Caps triggered an allergic reaction, so you’ll definitely want to exercise caution before taking this supplement.


Saffron offers a wide array of health benefits, including boosting mental performance and loosening phlegm if you have a cold. Some women have successfully used it to even treat menstrual cramps and men seem to think that it works to prevent premature ejaculation.

Yet as a weight loss ingredient? Saffron falls disappointingly short.

Re-body Hunger Caps manufacturers might want to put on their thinking caps and redesigned their formula. Although it’s a good ingredient to have alongside some powerful fat burners, it’s not strong enough to make it on its own.

Apidextra, on the other hand, offers clinically proven ingredients such as green tea and African mango, both of which have plenty of research proving their effectiveness. You can order Apidextra completely risk free from

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