Redux-V Review


If you were to go to Redux-V’s home page, you may have seen this ridiculous warning plastered across its top: “Warning! If you lose more than 10 pounds in 10 days, discontinue use of Redux-V.”

Although it can be dangerous to lose too much weight in a short period of time, resulting in a wide variety of serious side effects, we can’t help but laugh at Redux-V’s over-the-top marketing techniques that will supposedly sell their product.

Redux-V claims that its unique combination of patented and clinically proven ingredients can really help consumers burn calories, boost metabolism, reduce food cravings, and even “flatten your tummy. ” But can such a tiny pill really live up to the manufacturer’s big claims?

Inside Redux

ChromeMate – A patented form of chromium that can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and reduce cravings for carbohydrates.

Super Citrimax– This ingredients stimulates the production of serotonin which will improve and enhance your mood while boosting your metabolism and decreasing the storage of fat.

Advantra-Z– Derived from bitter orange, this natural stimulant increases energy and focus while boosting metabolism and suppressing appetite.

Fucoxanthin– A type of brown seaweed, Fucoxanthin is a powerful antioxidant that can help regulate triglyceride levels and protect cells against oxidative damage.

1,3 – Dimethylamylamine– Extracted from geraniums, this ingredient helps to improve physical performance by stimulating energy levels and helping you to burn more fat for fuel.

Potential Side Effects

• Headaches
• Jitters
• Insomnia
• Anxiety
• Increase heart rate
• Nausea

*These side effects are commonly associated with the stimulants Synephrine and 1,3 dimenthylamylamine when used incorrectly. Because Redux-V is a proprietary blend, it is difficult to determine whether or not the concentrations inside Redux-V are high enough to produce these negative side effects or if you’ll simply experience a pleasant increase in energy. Exercise caution before using any weight loss supplement.

Will it Work?

Many of the ingredients inside Redux-V have proven their abilities for weight loss for years, and clinical research is available that can help back their performance. However, there is no clinical research done specifically on the effectiveness of Redux-V, and without knowing the exact concentrations of ingredients inside its formula, it can be difficult to determine whether or not Redux-V will actually work.

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