Riptek Review

Though many weight loss supplements assert that they are by far the best and most effective on the market, it is a common known fact that almost none of them can live up to what they say.

Certain supplements, such as Apidextra, have had the good fortune of proving themselves worthy of their claim, but we wondered whether Riptek might have the same good fortune.

Based on the ingredients, side effects, and consumer reactions, we have looked into Riptek and seen whether or not it is a product worth considering.

Riptek Ingredients

Most of the active ingredients in Riptek are combined in their “CapsiShred XII-Thermogeic Fat Loss Accelerator Complex.”

Two ingredients included in this blend are not very common in weight loss supplements.

The first, Berberine HCl, is known for helping to control diabetes by working with insulin and keeping blood sugar levels. This also helps it to be linked to reducing body weight.

The second, Nicotinoyl-GABAm Pycamilon, works to reduce anxiety and stress, which raises levels of serotonin and helps individuals to curb cravings caused by low levels of that hormone.

Other ingredients included in Riptek include:

Caffeine Anhydrous-this is included in a Capsimax Plus Blend for its ability to stimulate metabolism and promote fat burning effects.
Glucomannon-acting similarly to dietary fiber, this ingredient works to expand fibers in the stomach and help you to feel full longer.
Resveratrol-which is known mainly as an anti-inflammatory and as a helper for the heart.
Purple Corn-an ingredient that is not used in many weight loss supplements, it is mainly known for its many health benefits
Acai Berry Extract-this ingredient is known as a type of Superfood for its antioxidant and other health qualities. However, it has not been linked to the promotion of weight loss.

Each of these ingredients is included in one or another of proprietary blends in Riptek. We don’t usually like it when products provide ingredients in proprietary blends because they are often unclear about dosages and have the propensity to hide other types of ingredients or fillers.

All of the ingredients we saw here are either unhelpful toward the promotion of weight loss or are not included in adequate doses.

Riptek Side Effects

There are no serious side effects associated with Riptek, which is most likely due to the low dosage of ingredients included in the product.


Some consumers did see results from this product, but, based on the ingredients, big results are unlikely.

Also, this product is more expensive than Apidextra and doesn’t provide nearly as many good ingredients.

This, coupled with a lack of manufacturer guarantee and proven ingredients, makes us feel that Riptek is not one of the products that will back up its advertisements of great results.

We would not suggest Riptek, but there are other types of fat burners and appetite suppressants that will actually provide good ingredients in adequate doses.

One of the products, as we mentioned earlier, that fits this description is Apidextra, and you would do well to look into it to see whether it’s the right supplement for you.

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