Rodial Crash Diet Gel Review

Do you have unsightly cellulite that’s causing your legs to resemble a bowl of cottage cheese? Is your skin losing its firmness? Do you wish there was an easy solution? Well Rodial Crash Diet Gel claims to be exactly that. Keep reading to learn more information about this product.

Made in Europe, Rodial Crash Diet Gel is a topical body gel which the makers claim will provide quick and visible results within the first few applications. First, warm up the body with some remedial exercises like a brisk walk or some sit ups. This gets your blood flow going, which will increase the effectiveness of Rodial Crash Diet Gel. Then massage a small amount of the gel on the body using upward strokes. Begin at the feet and move upwards. Use Rodial Crash Diet Gel both morning and evening for optimal results.

The official Rodial site sells a 150ml bottle of Rodial Crash Diet Gel for 75 euros. That’s more than $100 U.S. dollars! The official site does offer a 10% discount for first time customers, so that will save you a little cash. But wait! The site says this particular Rodial product is sold out in the U.S. and doesn’t provide any information on when it will be in stock again.

If you’re really dying to get your hands on a bottle of Rodial Crash Diet Gel you can purchase it from other on-line retailers. Amazon sells a 5.1 ounce bottle for $90, not including shipping and handling charges.

The Truth

$90-$100 is a pretty average price when it comes to diet products. But when you take into account that Rodial Crash Diet Gel must be applied on large areas of the body multiple times per day, you can bet that 5.1 ounce bottle won’t go too far. Think of how fast you go through your average bottle of body lotion. Now imagine that bottle is only five ounces big! Not much bang for your buck.

Rodail Crash Diet Gel is also sold as a three part kit. While you can buy each component of the kit separately, the makers of course recommend using them in conjunction for best results. The Crash Diet Smoothie and the Crash Diet Sticks will run you $55-$60 each. I’ll let you do the math on how much the total package would cost.

The official Rodial web-site does not provide any information about the ingredients in their product. Maybe keeping product information secret is the European way, but finding out what’s in a product before using it should always be at the top of your checklist prior to making a purchase. This is not only for your own safety, but also to ensure you’re paying for quality.

The truth is there’s no quick fix when it comes to weight loss. You need to be dedicated to a sensible diet and a consistent exercise program. Don’t count on some gel to fix your figure woes. I can tell you right now, you’ll be disappointed.

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